Episode 37 : How to make adversity your greatest strength




Author, keynote speaker and endurance racer, Tofe helps people build their resilience as a way to reach their goals and live a happier life. After reaching rock bottom as a young adult who had lost himself to partying and suffering from mental health issues, Tofe found his way back through his research and experiments with adversity and endurance. Tofe’s book, “Everyone has a plan until shit hits the fan. How to not be the bitch of your own brain.” teaches how to make adversity your greatest strength


Tofe’s Growth Story Book Title: 

Everyone has a plan until shit hits the fan

What you’ll learn:

  • Tofe studied engineering, but only half-liked it as he enjoyed the creativity and designing.
  • Tofe had a fear of public speaking before doing it for a living.

Notable quotes:

  • “To be great, you need to have adversity. It’s a foundation of your success.” – Tofe reassuring that feeling pain is part of the process of finding true success.
  • “That’s the difference between working out and training: training is going towards something.” – Tofe on applying reverse engineering to reach his goals.

Show notes:

02:45 – Tofe’s book is called “Everyone has a plan until shit hits the fan. How to not be the bitch of your own brain” (Pssst: We strongly recommend this read for your employees! As Tofe mentions, the workplace is an area where his tips and philosophy apply very much and can help a lot of folks.)

04:20 – Tofe is from Australia.

10:20 – In 2014, Tofe decided to go travelling on an indefinite trip. He partied a lot and ended up in Toronto.

28:20 – After picking up running, Tofe needed an objective to train so he registered to a marathon.

35:00 – Tofe mentions the book “No Hero” by Mark Owen.

37:20 – Tofe mentions the principle of Ikigai a tool featuring the questions to ask yourself in order to find your purpose.

55:40 – Tofe invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn and check out his website at www.tofe-evans.com