Episode 34 : Taking a leap of faith on entrepreneurship




Up until a few months ago, Michael was a teacher until he left his day job to pursue his passion for storytelling full-time through his photography and creative services business Henson Creative. Learn about how Michael started to experiment with visual communication and developed his talents into a true expertise. Learn how LinkedIn played an important role in leveraging Michael’s business to more than a hobby and how he uses LinkedIn today. Learn about Michael’s traditional past with business school and the corporate world, and how that wasn’t suited for his entrepreneurial spirit and creative mind. Finally, get some great insights on storytelling and video on social media. Enjoy!


Michael’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Learning to believe”

What you’ll learn:

  • Michael’s dad is a minister so his family used to move around quite a bit for different missions. Moving a lot helped Michael to develop his imagination.
  • His mom was a musician and music is still a big part of his life.
  • Michael who always dreamt of teaching was a math teacher for the past two years before taking the entrepreneurial route.

Notable quotes:

  • “For as long as I can remember I’ve been a storyteller.” – Michael on how storytelling has always been in his life even as a child.
  • “It’s probably an unwritten rule somewhere that when you get a kid you have to get a camera.” – Michael on how he started doing photography just as a hobby he wanted to get good at.
  • “If I had not found LinkedIn and the community that I found on LinkedIn, I likely would not be making this leap.” – Michael about taking the leap on his entrepreneurial journey.

Show notes:

03:55 – Henson Creative started out as a commercial and wedding photography side business.

06:20 – Michael was born in Mississippi.

20:15 – Michael got his bachelor’s degree in business.

20:35 – Michael worked at a Verizon retail store to put himself through his MBA.

25:00 – Thanks to his MBA, Michael landed a job at a local important company but was really disappointed by the company culture and the politics. He stayed there for 6 years but eventually moved on.

27:40 – One of Michael’s lifelong dreams was to be a professor so he went back to school to get his master’s degree in education and started teaching at a private high school.

29:00 – Michael and his wife adopted a little girl from Montana.

01:06:30 – You can find more on Michael at www.michaelehenson.com and on LinkedIn. He is also on Instagram.