Episode 02: Change Directions & Still Rock It!


Brian Rotsztein is an Internet marketer, professional photographer, entrepreneur, in-demand conference speaker, and author of the 5-star rated book “Content Marketing Ideas”. He has founded several startups, including WP Phone Support which offers security-based SEO and WordPress maintenance plans. Years ago, Brian switched 180° from his promising, stable career in psychology to website creation and SEO, as the web was still a very uncertain avenue for most. Not only did he manage to make a living out of his passion, but he succeeded tremendously at it. But throwing yourself into a new field, particularly in a fast-evolving environment like tech, isn’t always easy… When Brian officially decided to pursue a career in SEO, all he had in the world were his belongings that could fit in his little Volkswagen Golf and a few dollars in bank.

Brian’s Growth Story book title: “How to follow what you’re passionate about, change careers and still make it – ROCK it.”

What you’ll learn:

  • Brian’s company was one the first on the planet to be founded as an exclusive SEO services company. It has since grown into a full-service web design and Internet marketing boutique agency.
  • Writing and creating useful content for marketing purposes are different. A lot of practice is key!
  • Brian was one of the first bloggers in the world to be paid with advertising revenue. He was also one of the first to sign up for and use Google Adsense.
  • + 4 key points that make a good professional speaker!

Notable quotes:

  • “Don’t build a website for $50.” – Brian on the beginner’s mistakes.
  • “I don’t know if there’s a future in this Internet thing, maybe you should go with a profession.” – Brian’s parents, who were not on board with the career reorientation.
  • “Content is Key on the Internet” – 1999 Brian (still approved by 2017 Brian)
  • “SEO is an art and a science, anyone can figure out the science, but I was really good at the art. I was really good at both sides actually.” – Brian on what makes a person good with SEO.
  • WordPress used to cut down on the time needed to build a website, but now, the Internet has become so complex, there are so many factors to consider, that it doesn’t really cut back on your time anymore! – Brian, on the complexity of the creation of a great website.


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