Episode 38 : How to be a great recruiter




Formerly corporate talent acquisition manager, Norma Kraft recently launch her own consulting business as a career coach and strategist. Through her work and her engagement on LinkedIn, Norma helps job seekers improve their resume, strategize their job search and increase their visibility on LinkedIn. With her tremendous experience on the market, her undeniable skills for the recruiting process and her true love of people, Norma really is a top class recruiter! Listen to know more about how she got in the recruiting business and get some useful insights on how to be a great recruiter.


Norma’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“I have found my voice, and now I have something to say”

What you’ll learn:

  • Norma went to see a recruiter who advised her to become a recruiter herself, which she did and found instant success in that profession.

Notable quotes:

  • “It goes down to your ethics and your credibility and your way of operating.” – Norma on the basis of being a good recruiter.
  • “I went in there and in the first month I tripled my income.” – Norma about her first job in a recruiting agency.

Show notes:

02:30 – Her business is Norma Kraft Consulting.

03:40 – Norma was born in Ohio and grew up in San Diego.

06:30 – During her college studies, Norma got married and moved to England for 4 years where she travelled through Europe.

08:00 – Norma studied journalism and English literature.

08:40 – Norma remarried and moved to Japan for a year.

13:40 – Norma has 2 children.

29:02 – Norma got her first corporate job as a senior corporate recruiter at the Washington Mutual Bank.

36:40 – Norma moved to Billings, Montana to join her daughter with her grandkids.

60:00 – Norma invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn.