Episode 36 : Story of a serial entrepreneur




Dan is what we call a serial entrepreneur. With his wife Dennae, Dan owns many businesses including an online store, multiple medical offices, and a real estate investment company. They also host their own entrepreneurs’ podcast called Tough Decisions. Dan found a recipe to create businesses, grow them, and then move on to his next thing. In this episode, we discuss Dan’s life influences, his entrepreneurial journey, as well as some practical tips that you can use and apply to your own journey


Dan’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Relentless implementation”

What you’ll learn:

  • Dan started his career as a chiropractic doctor. He started running his first business while still in college, selling spine models to the other students.
  • Dan’s entrepreneurial spirit was strongly influenced by his parents who had their own company when he was growing up. He learned a lot by watching them manage their business.

Notable quotes:

  • “I’m a worker. When I want something done, I do it. And sometimes that’s to my detriment: if I pull the trigger on things and it doesn’t work out too well. But I feel like if I pull this trigger multiple time, one of them is going to stick.” – Dan on his go-getter attitude.
  • “I saw a problem, in an audience, and I went and met that need, in that problem, in an audience. A lot of times when we create products, we create the product first and then go see if there’s an audience for it. That’s the backwards way to do things.” – Dan reflecting on the beginnings of his online store.

Show notes:

02:20 – Dan and his wife Dennae host a podcast called Tough Decisions.

14:00 – Dan launched his own web design and hosting firm while studying to get his degree in web design and programming.

14:30 – Dan grew up in Greenville in South Carolina.

14:40 – Dan got interested in chiropractic through his wife’s uncle who had a clinic in the same building where Dan worked. He decided to go back to school and get his bachelor’s in biology.

16:50 – As a teen, Dan dreamt of owning a Z3 BMW Roadster.

34:30 – After the success of his endeavours with the spine models, Dan started selling more products on eBay with the manufacturer’s drop shipping program.

40:30 – After opening his first chiropractic clinic, Dan got very interested in rejuvenating medicine such as PRP.

55:30 – Dan mentions how investing in real estate has real advantages from a tax perspective and invites you to visit the website of his company Handford Capital to know more.

01:11:00 – Dan is actually currently writing a book called “Relentless implementation” and his wife Dennae is writing a book called “Love your entrepreneur”. Both books will be out at the beginning of 2019.

01:11:20 – Dan invites you to check out his podcast Tough Decisions that he records with Dennae that you can find on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.