Episode 39 : Becoming an entrepreneur in your fifties




Barry Solomon is what we could call a later-stage entrepreneur, as he bought his first business while in his fifties. After working for the family business his father started for many (quite difficult) years, Barry moved on to work in advertising, and then again in a few other fields before actually moving to California, where he bought his business. In parallel, Barry’s story is also just as interesting on the personal side, as he is a survivor of a kidney and heart transplant. Tune in to see how Barry’s values and evolving take on faith got him through this journey.


Barry’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“My journey of faith”

What you’ll learn:

  • Barry has lived through a heart and kidney transplant.
  • While in his fifties, Barry moved to California with the intention of buying a business on a shoe-string budget, which he did and found great success.

Notable quotes:

  • “I know it’s though, but you gotta leave. You gotta get another job somewhere. It’s not worth it.” – The advice Barry gives to people who are working a job where they’re not happy and frustrated.
  • “I really wasn’t a man of faith. but this made me start thinking. […] Bottom line is, I am a firm believer. Faith is such a strong motivator.” – Barry on how his experiences and dealing with health issues changed his perspective on faith.

Show notes:

03:00 – Barry was born and raised in Montreal. He studied at Concordia University.

03:25 – As a young adult, Barry worked for the family business started by his father called Sonny Tires.

10:00 – Barry went to work in advertising for Canspan BMG. Barry describes the president, Dave Berman, as one of his great mentors and influences.

12:25 – Barry went to work for Recochem, a chemical company where his best friend Kurt Teblum was VP. This friend became Barry’s second great mentor.

17:00 – Barry met his second wife on a ski hill in Colorado. She was from California and they agreed to move there when Barry’s kids would be older. So Barry eventually moved to Riverside, California where he now lives.

27:20 – In 2008, Barry was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.

31:30 – Barry’s cardiologist was called Mark McDonald.

51:00 – Barry invites everyone to connect with him if you wish to know more about his journey, or have him share his story to a group, which he is now happily doing.