Episode 35 : Managing your career like a pro (and becoming one)




Kerri Twigg is a career counsellor and an entrepreneur, as she launched her own coaching business Career Stories Consulting. This episode can truly speak to both people who aspire to have their own company and to people who wish to rebrand themselves and take their career in another direction. This is exactly what Kerri did, switching from a career in the art community to a career in human resources. Listen to her story to know how she managed to make the switch, the steps she took and the questions she asked herself. Then see how she took her new vocation to the next level by launching her own consulting business in career counselling and became a sensation on LinkedIn. 


Kerri’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Working title for Career Stories”

What you’ll learn:

  • Kerri had a difficult childhood. Her mom was a teenager, so she grew up in a house with very little supervision and even fewer rules. It was her aunt who helped Kerri get back in the right direction when she went to live with her.
  • Career Stories started out just as a side business that Kerri launched while working for the government as she was still getting requests from her last job as a career consultant.

Notable quotes:

  • “I might be a marketing person disguised as a career coach!” – Kerri about how she loves creating content and sharing stories.
  • “I was seeing gaps in the programs. I was going like, why aren’t we doing this for people, why aren’t we doing this kind of program…?” – Kerri realizing that she had a strong entrepreneurial mind while she was working at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.
  • “When you try to fit yourself into this box of trying to be perfect or really safe, it’s not interesting enough for someone to want to buy or hire.” – Kerri about why hiding your personality to get a job or client will never work.

Show notes:

03:50 – Kerri Twigg is a career counsellor who launched her own coaching business Career Stories Consulting.

04:40 – Kerri grew up in a rough neighbourhood from Winnipeg in Canada.

09:15 – When she was in high school, Kerri took a career internship program course and got an internship and then a job at a theater school.

11:00 – Kerri’s boss at the theater school pushed her to go to university and helped her attend classes part-time while arranging her work schedule to fit with her class schedule.

13:55 – Kerri did a master’s degree in human education.

14:50 – Kerri worked at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

15:00 – Kerri was running an eBay business on the side selling vintage clothing.

16:20 – Kerri did an HR certificate to rebrand herself and her CV and started working as a career transition consultant.

38:50 – Kerri got a job for the Government of Manitoba.

40:40 – Kerri worked on the side for 18 months on her business Career Stories Consulting while still working for the government before leaving her day job.

01:04:30 – Kerri describes LinkedIn as her sales funnel.

01:05:30 – You can find more at www.career-stories.com or connect with Kerri on LinkedIn.