Episode 32 : From Lawyer to Entrepreneur




How do you go from lawyer to entrepreneur? Steven had always envisioned working for himself at some point, and finally decided to take the plunge, leaving behind the bureaucracy and politics that are prevalent in all firms, big and small, as he had experienced during his tenure at firms of big and medium sizes. Here’s the story of how and most importantly why he decided to go on his own by joining his father’s small private practice firm.


Steven’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“No, we’re not there yet!”

What you’ll learn:

  • Steven gets a lot of his work ethic from witnessing how hard his father worked to put himself through school and in his profession as a lawyer.
  • Steven first studied in health sciences with the thought of going into medicine, but then realized while pursuing his studies, that medicine wasn’t for him and went into law school instead.
  • Steven had a hobby of making cookies, which turned into a side business with his cookies being sold in 9 stores.

Notable quotes:

  • “Dealing with the bureaucracy and the politics is one of the reasons why I chose to go on my own.” – Steven on the reasons why he first got disinterested in medicine, and how these same reasons later pushed him to leave the corporate world to go on his own.
  • “As a corporate attorney, you’re always drawn to that prestige, that salary.” – Steven on some of the reasons why his younger self and many lawyers choose to work for big firms instead of going the entrepreneurial route, even though many lawyers do have the entrepreneurial spirit.

Show notes:

03:50 – Kravitz and Kravitz is a boutique firm founded over 60 years ago by Steven’s uncle and father.

04:50 – Steven grew up in Ville-Saint-Laurent and attended Vanier College. He studied physiology at McGill University and even completed a master’s in neuroscience.

14:55 – Steven went to law school at Université de Montréal just like his father to perfect his French.

17:00 – Steven interned at the firm Davies.

46:40 – Steven invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn or join him at (514) 748 2889 and skravitz@videotron.ca