So Busy you’re Making your Business Fail!

So busy you’re making your business fail!

A Huge mistake that entrepreneurs make is becoming too busy to see when they are being left in the dust by their competitors. Here are 5 signs that you may be too busy to notice your business failing.

1. Working too hard The most productive companies don’t work hard, they work smart. If your workday feels like you did not even have time to catch a breath, let alone eat your lunch, you are failing at working smart.


2. Forgetting . Did you forget to wish Donald a happy birthday? A very important element of office company culture is remembering events and interacting with your colleagues. If you can’t remember the last time you had a chat with your staff, there’s a problem.


3. No Reviews/ Meetings When did you last get feedback or a review? Did you skip it? Companies who are always improving and innovating have consistent meetings that include brainstorming sessions and follow ups. A great trick is to always be checking in with your staff and listening to their feedback, trust me; your competitors are doing it.


4. Reluctance to use new tech with technology evolving faster than we blink, refusal to incorporate new systems and ways of working makes you look  like a dinosaur and leaves you in the dust. If this were a good idea, we’d still be slicing meat with our teeth so go tech or go home!


5.Snooping on Competition Some companies are firmly against it, “your side of the fence, my side of the fence”. However, there are numerous advantages to checking out what your competition is up to. On top of inspiring (or dissuading) you to imitate them, it allows you to clue into what consumers want and that’s always good for business.

In sum, if you’re too busy to: eat lunch, remember Donald’s birthday, have a brainstorming session and research your competition and new technologies, you will not survive this year. Make this a good one, leave your scrolls and typewriters behind and stay ahead of the curb.

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