Why you keep getting the wrong candidates and how to stop

Ever wondered why the same pool of completely irrelevant or unqualified candidates apply to your jobs, and why you’re not seducing those you REALLY want to work for you? The reason is simple: your hiring process is wrong.

Let me clear up HOW you are messing up and WHAT you can do to counter this phenomenon and actually find yourself some good quality contenders.

Mistake Number One: (Timing) The moment you start looking for a new addition to your team.

When are you typically looking to hire? Most of you would answer: when someone quits- when you fire them- when for some reason your company has a sudden growth spurt? Right?
Well that’s not the right time: that’s your first mistake RIGHT THERE.

Frantically posting up job ads when someone quits- or incessantly calling a recruiter in panic mode is guaranteed to put you in touch with the wrong kind of candidates.

The best of the best are NEVER found in short time-crunches- unless all the planets where to bizarrely align somehow in your favor. More often than not, you’ll get people who’ve been unemployed for quite a while and are pretty much desperate for any job.

So how do you change this? When is the right time to look for new staff?

The answer: ALWAYS. Plain and simple ; never stop looking for superstars.

How does one do this, stay in a constant hiring more? Isn’t it draining on energy- finances and company time? NOPE. The truth is that- your company should always be on the lookout- or at least open to the possibility of bringing on a superstar to your team.

Here are the 5 things you have to do to make sure you are always ready to bring someone amazing on board who can help your company reach new heights!

Internal recruiting

It’s a very easy sell when your staff speak well about working at your company. Who knows better than those who are there day in and day out right? Make sure your staff members are aware that you would always be willing to bring an amazing person on board- for a great referral bonus of course.

Have a great online and social media presence

Almost every company out there has some sort of presence on the web or through different social media platforms. When great candidates are looking for potential new opportunities over 60% report they verify the company’s website/ Facebook page and LinkedIn company page. Connect with great candidates you have met and liked on LinkedIn.
Employer Brand and Staff Ambassadors

Work on being a company people are dying to work for. How do you successfully ensure this? It’s easy: become the company you’ve always wanted to work for. It starts from within- treat your employees well and be a leader.

Don’t be cheap

As a business owner- it’s important to manage your budget accordingly. In terms of what department requires what spending- your staff are definitely a top priority. The truth is- when you invest in a good quality hire- this person, in the short AND long term is a worthwhile investment and key to your company’s growth.

Working with the RIGHT kind of recruiters

Some positions are nearly impossible- or too specific-to fill on your own and you need some expert help. Looking for that perfect person: that’s what recruiters do all day! How do you pick the right recruiter to help you out? It’s imperative that you select an agency that is specific to your industry. This is the most essential component because they will have a database of qualified candidates that are trained in the skills you need. There also needs to be a connection and sense of trust. Proforce Personnel for is example, is specialized in Consumer Goods, Fashion and the Food Industry.

By using these 5 tips, and always staying on high alert for new hires, you will always be prepared to bring a superstar on board!


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