5 reasons why you DON’T want all your employees to be gold medalists

Many companies want their employees to be top performers- the best of the best- the creme de la creme and those who don’t stay consistently winning gold are pushed to the side and overlooked.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s a mistake to only want winners on your team, and why you should be wary of hiring only overachievers in your company.

1. Overconfidence in their abilities:

Confidence is key for many positions, like in PR- communications and sales for example. However- overestimating your capabilities in completing a task could lead to disappointment if things don’t go as planned, not meeting deadlines or losing money because the employee somehow felt sure they could deliver. It’s better to have someone on your team who is realistic rather than overly optimistic.

2. Big Cheese syndrome:

There’s no denying that an amazing and top performing employee has incredible value, but they can’t start believing they are better than their coworkers or disrespecting others. You want someone on board who’s a team player too, not who thinks he or she is el grande fromaggio. 

3. They can be sore losers:

It’s no secret that, learning how to lose is as important as learning how to win. Not landing the deal -snagging the client or closing the contract is disappointing for anyone, but even more so for someone who’s used to winning all the time and can lead to outbursts, huge loss of self-esteem and frustration.

4. They won’t help others, or ask for help:

Superstars are often unwilling to share success and prefer to put all the eggs in their basket. This means that they might be unwilling to share their tips and tricks- or important information with their colleagues to stay on top. If they need help, they might be reluctant as well, wanting to take all the credit.

5. Lone wolves:

It’s often lonely at the top. Ever notice your numero uno is not at the company luau or weekly 5 to 7? As their time is precious and they’re busy being superstars, they don’t always have time to invest in company culture which is vital for a team.

So…what does all of this mean?

Not saying you SHOULD get rid of your highest performing employee, or not have employees who strive for greatness BUT your work environment needs balance. It’s very important for you to have different employees who have different personality traits that compliment each other and that permits for a healthy and fun space for everyone to work.



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