8 things You NEED to know about Hiring Remote Workers

The business landscape has changed significantly- from rigid 9-5 schedules in the office to people working at home or on the beach. Considering hiring remote workers to save on costs? There are definitely some things you should know first before taking the plunge:

1.You will save money:

A study done by Squiggle.com estimated the cost of savings at around 10,000$ for a remote worker annually for a company. This is a hefty chunk that you probably prefer to invest in your enterprise! Imagine what that type of money could do for you? You may view the initial results of the study here: http://bit.ly/1dnQu51

2. Your employees will love it:

Giving your staff the possibility to avoid spending time in traffic and the ability to work from home is- more likely than not- something they will find VERY appealing. Freedom to work remotely- even a few days a week can significantly increase employee happiness and make them feel trusted and respected.

3. Many people will want to work for you!:

It’s a given- if you offer something that your competitors do not offer- in this case freedom, independence and autonomy- GUARANTEED your pool of interested potential hires will increase. When given the option-

4. You will save time:

No more hours wasted being stuck in traffic! Your employee can start early- right after breakfast. Time is not wasted to get back home either- with a clear mind- they can commence their day earlier and get the day’s tasks completed quicker.


1. Lack of Teamwork and interactions with colleagues:

Despite your employees collaborating on projects- not seeing them in meetings or working with them can significantly reduce the connections between your staff- and even between you and your worker(s). It’s important to make time to see your remote workers once in awhile- invite them to company outings and foster that very important relationship.

2. Distractions

Not everyone has the profile to work remotely. Unless you are dealing with someone who is very experienced and already has a good work ethic – they may get distracted by television shows- making themselves a snack or anything else for that matter! It’s important that whoever is working remotely have a workspace that is distraction free and the ability to complete the work on time. Working remotely can be hyper-productive- but it can also slow down your productivity if you are distracted.
3. Less Control over your Employee(s)

Without wanting to micro-manage- it is fun to be able to check in on your staff throughout the day. When working remotely- it can become difficult to help your employee out if they need it – or even to pull them in for an impromptu meeting. The geographical distance does come with a certain disconnect- so it is very important to check in daily on your employee(s) and make them feel important and implicated.

4. Overworking

When someone works a 9-5 schedule, it’s easy to tell when the day is done. When working from home though, guilt can set in and some people may put much more on their plate than they normally would. Many jobs out there ask you to put in some overtime from time to time- but people can tabulate and clock out- keeping track of their extra hours. When working from home- this becomes a lot trickier and it is possible for someone to overwork themselves- even though they never left home!

With Working from Home jobs increasing over 103% over the last decade – Source GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com http://bit.ly/1I3jNaZ it’s important to understand the advantages- and potential disadvantages- of hiring staff to work remotely for your company.