5 Recruitment Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Important Podcasts To Listen To

Podcasts can be listened to anywhere, anytime and that means any moment that you could be but aren’t listening to some of these great, job recruitment podcasts is a moment that you’re missing out on expanding your knowledge. Yet finding the best podcasts on the internet is not so easy. The web has become saturated with bad or misleading content produced by amateur basement-dwellers with way too much time on their hands.

Below are five sites to find excellent, information-rich podcasts full of in-depth interviews and topic exploration that will expand your mind. Listen to them while working out, driving or riding public transit. Listen to them whenever you can because they are an excellent means to information about human resources and recruitment.

1. Human Resources iQ (humanresourcesiq.com): Human Resources iQ, a division of IQPC, is an excellent place to start when looking to upgrade your human resources skillset. The go-to website for human resource strategists has a decent-sized list of podcast series on a range of topics such as management effectiveness and business etiquette. The hosts vary depending on the subject, meaning you aren’t relying on one person’s point of view for information.

2. Workforce Institute at Kronos (workforceinstitute.org): Workforce Institute at Kronos is already a must-read website, but the podcasts are, in some cases, more intriguing then the website’s text-based content. With varying hosts on a wide-spectrum of topics, there are monthly podcasts dating back to 2008. More recent topics include the future of big data, managing a multigenerational workforce and creating HR analytics that matter.

3. Workforce Trends: Found on iTunes, Ira S. Wolfe hosts the once popular “Workforce Trends” podcast series that, while a bit older, is still relevant four years later. Wolfe is a well-known author and highly regarded expert on hiring trends. He is a business columnist, blogger, public speaker and more. His podcast include topics such as successful team building, LinkedIn, visual conferences and workplace innovation.

4. Human Capital Institute (hci.org): Human Capital Institute (HCI) has an ever-growing list of must-listen podcasts with many different high-ranking, experienced show hosts such as Mark Royal, a senior principal at Hay Group Insight, and Chris Cho, senior vice president of product at Jibe. With topics such as employee engagement, employment branding and social media for recruiting, the website is full of essential content for any HR professional.

5. CIPD (cipd.co.uk): CIPD is an international HR body with over 130,000 members worldwide and its podcasts reflect that deep well of experienced job recruiters and human resource managers. With current shows and podcast archives dating as far back as 2006, listeners can find a seemingly infinite list of topics. Podcasts cover leadership, organizational development, human resource trends and in-depth interviews with HR professionals.


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