Episode 44 : How to turn a hobby into a successful side business



Owner of Bak’d by Mona, a very successful gourmet cookies business, Mona Segal is a true force of nature. She’s unstoppable: on top of running her own business, Mona volunteers at school and works part-time as a marketing specialist. Her growth story is truly inspiring and touching. Having always loved to bake and cook, Mona decided to take the plunge and turn her passion into a business after being faced with a life-threatening health issue. That challenge made her realized she wanted to change her life, work less, volunteer more, do more of what she likes, and most importantly, give back.

Mona’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Bake it til you make it!”

What you’ll learn:

          • Mona was influenced by how her family would celebrate the holidays by baking and preparing fancy food, and also by her father who is a serial entrepreneur.
          • At first, Bak’d by Mona was going to be called “Mona’s Munchies”, but the name changed when she worked on the branding.

Notable quotes:

          • “I was giving the cookies as gifts, and then people asked me if they could buy some from me. I said sure!” – Mona on how she started getting orders for the cookies she was giving to her kids’ teachers.
          • “Everywhere I would go, I would make some cookie samples to bring with me.” – Mona on the importance of putting yourself out there to grow your business.

Show notes:

02:50 – In the mornings, Mona works as a marketing and sales specialist at Kilotech and her afternoons are spent on her gourmet cookie business Bak’d by Mona Cookies.

06:50 – Mona studied marketing at Concordia University, where she also met her husband Brian.

08:15 – After university, Mona worked as a unit coordinator at the Jewish General Hospital, and then she also worked at a company called Thought Technology

33:30 – Mona made her own website for her business on the platform Wix and loved working with it.

49:00 – You can find more at www.bakdbymona.com. She is also on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.