Canada’s Best Places To Work (& What They Have in Common)

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Canada’s employees have spoken: Glassdoor 2017 “Best Places to Work” list is now available and very interesting to many unsatisfied employees. That being (obviously) said, the list is just as much interesting to company leaders having a hard time retaining their employees.

Why and how did these 5 companies make it to the top? High salaries and benefits package are a given, but we know it has to be more…

Without further due, here are the top five Best Places to Work in Canada in 2017.


  1. Shopify 4.5 ★

With offices in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo and also in California, Shopify is a widely popular and successful E-commerce platform. In business since 2006, they are now almost 2000 employees. Actual and former employees brought up many reasons why Shopify is the number employer in Canada, but the ones that stand out are their inspiring offices, the unbeatable benefits and perks offering a great work-life balance, the multiple (and encouraged!) growth opportunities and the talented loving team. Sounds dreamy! Visit their career website to know more about their amazing corporate culture.


  1. Ceridian  4.5 ★

Even if Ceridian is a multinational corporation, it obviously hasn’t lost focus on its employees. It only makes sense since it’s a human capital management technology company. Therefore, being Canada’s second top employer clearly reinforces their professional credibility. The reviews all revolve around the fact that the employees’ experience is enhanced by a fair work-life balance and great growth paths inside the company. To know more about their opportunities, visit Ceridian career website.


  1. ATB financial 4.4 ★

Many are surprised by this third position held by a banking company, an industry that is known for great pay/benefits but poor consideration for its people. It doesn’t seem to be the case for ATB because the employees’ reviews mention an excellent culture, great work-life balance, industry leading pay and benefits, great leadership, and more. It’s also hard to notice that almost all comments featured have a blank “cons” section, which is rare even in this list. If you live in Alberta, this one may be the company of your dreams!


  1. Salesforces 4.4 ★

The San Francisco CRM company is going strong and has now many offices in Canada in main cities from one cost to the other. Their strong corporate culture made their reputation (with reason). They named their EVP (employer proposition value) “Ohana” and its core values include trust, customer success, innovation, giving back, equality, transparency, wellness, and fun. You can learn more about their way of life by visiting their career page.


  1. Cisco Systems 4.2 ★

Cisco is the largest company our this list with over 70 000 employees worldwide! One of the benefits that is mentioned a lot by employees are the flexibles hour and ability to work from home, increasing the work-life balance. High salaries and complete benefits package are a given at this point! The successfulness of the company itself seems like a source of pride and motivation as well. They have a complete career page presenting the life at Cisco Systems from every angles.


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