Best April Fools’ Office Pranks: Second Edition


April’s fool is the only day of the year you can act like a total weirdo at work just for fun and not be fired (unless you really do something over the top or your boss doesn’t have any sense of humour). Even though April’s fool falls on a Saturday this year, the traditional office pranks are a must to lighten up the office routine. Plus, doing pranks on the Friday before increases the chances of success of your jokes as your victims will still have their guards down…

1. The Sweet Prank

Who doesn’t love a little touch of honey? Your account manager, maybe, when it has replaced the soap from the kitchen’s sink soap dispenser. Honey is sticky as hell and in no way damageable nor dangerous. Plus it’s really good for the skin. Your soap dispenser may be hard to clean up after, though.


2. The Love Prank

Oh yes, I am talking about the love letter. Or email, in our modern society. Simple, classic, effective. The traumatism of reading that kind of declaration from a non-romantically interesting co-worker is enough to make the victim forget about April’s fool for a delicious moment of panic. To master this prank, you need start off with a serious tone to worry your “lover” and put them into serious mode while reading the beginning of your letter, and then work your way up to crazy town. By the time the victim gets to the marriage proposal, and suicide threats, he or she will probably have realized the date of the day and have a good laugh.


3. The Geek Prank

This prank is at its best in the context of a multi-generation or multi-departments work environment. If you are a young programmer working in an all-millennial I.T. agency, it could be hard to confuse your co-workers just by messing around with their computers (first, because they are just as geeky as you are, and, second, you won’t be able to access their computers to begin with). But if you unplug the mouse from your colleague who knows nothing about computers, you are in business! Or just mess up the contrast and luminosity of their monitor every time they leave their desk. 


4. The Dark-Side-of-My-Personality Prank

The office is the perfect place to pull off pranks about your personal life, because your co-worker may not know as much about your life outside of work. Time to pretend to be super involved in a creepy religious cult. Or that you are countess of the next renaissance fair of the area and are looking for sponsors. Needs a little acting and maybe some costumes, but definitely very funny.


5. The Goodbye Prank

This one is for pros only. Very hard to pull off, because it requires great acting talents. And, as intense as this prank is, your boss might be expecting it because it is a very obvious one. Create a rich back story just odd enough to justify your resignation from the company. Your boss must believe you for a moment, otherwise, it’s not funny! Then again, don’t push it too far until it’s not funny anymore! If mastered, this prank is the boldest.


Good luck to you all for this day of pranks! We’d love to hear your success (or failure) stories in the comments.


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