5 ways YOU can make your company culture AWESOME today

The Office: the place you spend hours a week -quite literally, your second home. Home is supposed to feel cozy but I think we can all agree that not all offices inspire peace and tranquility.

Some things you can’t change; like Bob from across the hall that eats that smelly fish every day or Clarissa in Accounting who can’t help knitting you those weird scarves. However, some things are within your control. Here are 5 ways you can turn your crappy office space into your cozy home-away-from-home.

  1.  Take on some fun initiatives: Want to boost your happiness level? Don’t be shy and spread the cheer! How about taking the initiative to organize a fun office activity! Ask your bosses if you can bring in a dart board or foosball table into the break room for some fun away from the desk. You can even organize an impromptu game of office charades! Having fun with your colleagues can create a bond much deeper than passing files to each other.
  2. Music as therapy: Many studies have shown that listening to music can be therapeutic on nerves. We’re not talking crazy death metal here, but maybe having the radio on in the background or playing a really fun jazzy playlist could be motivating for you and your colleagues. Hey, when you have a minute to spare you can even jump up from behind your desk and bust a move!
  3. Office Workout Time: Many companies are working out together on their lunch breaks or taking a half hour out of their work day each day to promote health and wellness. Whether it is a power walk outside or office Zumba, we can all agree that sitting at your desk for 8 hours straight is not healthy. An office that works out together- sticks together.
  4. Theme days and contests: Remember themed days at school? Pajama day was always a favorite. Organize a cool themed day and have a contest for the best get up! Sure to get everyone motivated and pumped.
  5. Keep your desk space clean: It may sound cheesy…but it works. Organized and clean desk means organized and focused employee. Don’t just pick up those bagel crumbs, put some elbow grease into it! Take out that Lysol and Windex and take the time to make your desk area spotless. There is nothing more pleasant than a lemony-scented and clean work area. Soon your colleagues will be imitating you, your boss will be thankful and you will finally get that well-deserved promotion!

These suggestions do seem to hint at a lot of initiative on your part. However, this demonstrates that we are not powerless in regards to our office environment but actually can change it for the better with some initiative and positive energy.