Do sucky interviews make you lose amazing candidates? Mind your Brand

Do sucky interviews make you lose amazing candidates? Mind your Brand

In the age of Skype Interviewing and text message job applications, Face to face (one on one) meetings between employers and candidates are still considered one of the best strategies for hiring.

This permits the employer to ask  vital questions to determine if this job seeker would be a good fit for their company. What’s interesting though is that the job seeker also has many questions to ask the interviewer to see if this is where they could see themselves working together.

Both parties are looking for the answer to the same question, but are using different methods to obtain their results. On the employer’s side, cold hard facts are looked at (skills, experience, references etc.) and the interview is conducted sort of like a mini investigation into a person’s career past.

The Job Seeker however has to figure out if this company culture is the right fit for them, sort of like test driving a car before you commit. An easy way to do that (that you will not even notice happening) is for the Seeker to test out how they are treated throughout the whole Interview process.

It’s very simple, the way a company treats a potential hire is a huge indicator of the respect that they give their employees. Candidates are taking everything into consideration; from the amount of time they waited for you in the lobby to whether they were offered a beverage or a place to hang their jacket.

Job seekers won’t be fooled, they have become critical judges. They are observing and taking note of whether you are being polite, courteous and straightforward. They want clear answers to their questions online casino and follow ups within respectable delays. If a company demonstrates speedy and professional interviewing practices, this is probably a positive sign.

So how do we deal with this table – turning – testing? As a company, it is important to understand that the potential hires are not all expendable robots, but extremely qualified human beings who are taking in their surroundings. Making the whole interview experience positive, clear and professional could be the reason that the superstar candidate accepts your offer, versus another, because of the way they were treated by your company.

Never has the analogy of the 2 way street rung truer.

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