Episode 00: The First Story



Utilizing over two decades of management, sales, and recruitment experience, David Inzlicht is an entrepreneur, a speaker, a community leader and a believer in following your dreams. He is now hosting the Growth Story Podcast, a show to give back to our community by sharing stories of amazing entrepreneurs and inspire people to grow. Every other week, David will be interviewing entrepreneurs and have them share their story in a mix of biography, inspiration, and motivation. He is an enthusiastic leader driven by an extraordinary passion to help people grow—and this is his way of sharing it. But first, let’s hear his story.

David’s Growth Story book title: “A Passion to Help You Grow”

What you’ll learn:

  • The common thread to all the stories is perseverance. 
  • David is the President and Founder of Proforce Personnel, a recruiting firm/headhunting agency focused the consumer goods industries. 
  • David had a hard time at school due to attention deficit and knew from the start that a traditional path was not gonna be easy, and that directed him towards entrepreneurship.
  • In all the episodes, David will ask his guests the following question: “If your growth story was turned into a book, what would be the title?”.

Notable quotes:

  • “That was a huge influence: realizing that, for me, nothing was going to be handed to me.” – David on the influence that growing up in a modest family where his father had been working for himself as an entrepreneur had on his journey towards entrepreneurship. 
  • “I wanted it to be good. I wanted what I do to help people.” – David on how his business had to be something that would bring good to the world.
  • It takes all kind of people to succeed. There are no two people that are alike. Everyone is unique, everyone is different. But if you persevere and you have a road map and you decide that this is the goal that you want, the only thing that’s stopping you is yourself. – David.


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