5 Ways to Clean up your Social Media Before an Interview

Before you get excited and start picking out your best interview slacks- why not clean up your social media profiles? Trust me, employers and your next potential boss are TOTALLY creeping you on the interwebs, so make sure you have nothing on there that would be too cringe-worthy or could cost you your dream job. Check these off your list and happy interviewing!

1. Scrap your current pic for a nice head shot:

Not too corporate? That’s ok. Stay true to who you really are, but maybe that upside down keg stand photo from Osheaga is NOT your best look during your job search. How about just a simple photo of you smiling? On sites like LinkedIn, this is even more important. You don’t have to spend mucho dinero, but everyone has at least one hipster-amateur-photographer-friend with an expensive camera that you can convince to take your pic in exchange for an overpriced latte.

2.Update your LinkedIn:

The first thing employers usually verify is LinkedIn, so make sure your profile is up to date and that all information necessary to contact you is there (phone #- email-other social profiles). Also, don’t make the mistake of only listing your work and school experience! LinkedIn is a social platform, so it’s totally fine to list things not typically found on your CV- like your passions and groups you belong to. Use LinkedIn as an opportunity to connect with like-minded peeps who also enjoy origami (on a professional level).


3. Delete racy tweets and questionable posts:

Keep in mind though that other sites will be scored too, don’t think your LinkedIn is the only thing people are checking out, your Twitter and Instagram are also under scrutiny! It’s great that you have a sense of humour- but it’s VERY important to not have disrespectful, discriminatory or offensive postings out there as a company can legally choose to not hire you because of what you post, especially if they deem it harmful or if it goes against their company core values, so be aware. This could explain why that vegetarian brand never called you back following that “Delicious Beef Burger” collage you made…


4. Untag/remove yourself from things you don’t want to be associated with:

Had an awesome time being in that Spring Break video back in 2011? Great, but does EVERYONE have to know about it? Avoid sending the wrong message and make sure that unflattering posts that you are tagged in to don’t follow you and give the wrong impression. Also, have you ever tried googling yourself? You should. These days, so many things can be found online and who knows, what evils lurk in cyberspace, like that heinous MySpace account from your Avril Lavigne days…


5. Get a new email address:

Still using sexyladybunny24 or Don’t. Stop. Look at yourself. You’re much better than that.  Please do the world, and primarily yourself, a favour and get a nice and tidy email address – one that’s boring and generic and preferably includes your name, like Johnsmith@yahoo or As cool as it was to try to pass yourself off as some type of animated character back then, this doesn’t fit your new, serious, professional and soon to be uber successful self.


Make sure your social media accounts are squeaky clean before you go around interviewing because you WILL be stalked! Make the most of it and put your best foot forward. In private, continue being completely crazy.




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