Why We Started Our Own Podcast

Our story really begins with my story when I was just a kid. My parents were always supportive but I was lucky to be raised in an era where kids had enormous freedoms. This fostered my ability to figure things out on my own. They are both immigrants and my father ended up owning a business for better for worse… What it taught me was that I wanted to be the master of my own destiny.

Even though I graduated Montreal’s Concordia University with a Bachelor degree in Economics, school was never easy for me. Having an attention deficit issue probably didn’t help. But it did make my entrepreneurial path more clear. I knew that it was going to be up to me to forge my own journey.

Proforce Personnel & Recruiting

Soon after graduating I landed a job at a recruiting firm. I quickly figured out that—for a business that manages people—recruiting was really all about money, and big profitable clients, and, more often than not, at the expense of the candidates… I was convinced that a recruiting firm could only truly grow if its candidates did first … and that’s when I knew I had to do it my own way.

I felt like there was a better way to approach recruitment, that we were passing by on a great opportunity to do better, more human, and more purposeful work that could also lead to bigger profits.

I started my own recruiting firm, Proforce Personnel, and, since its very beginning in 2001, we’ve had as our mission the desire to help people grow. More than our desire it is our purpose. The reason I love my job!

Giving Back

We feel like giving back is not only important but is our duty. My parents didn’t have much, but they still managed to do their part of charity. When my daughter was younger, she was unfortunate enough to have an extended hospital visit. We were very scared, to say the least. But during these sleepless nights, I couldn’t help but notice the children on the other hospital beds and realize how they were—for many—in much worse shape than my own child.

Too often in life, we look at what we don’t have and forget that other people can always be less fortunate. I always felt like we have a duty to give back, and when my daughter got sick, my giving focus changed. Now a certain percentage of all profit that comes from Proforce and other endeavors I do is given back to the various children causes that we support.

GrowthStory: a Blog & a Podcast

GrowthStory and GrowthStory Podcast is an extension of our purpose. It’s our way of giving back to our great community and help people achieve the growth they want; by meeting and interviewing entrepreneurs and inspiring people; by sharing stories of crushing defeats and amazing triumphs. We allow the audience to learn and grow with us and we truly hope to motivate you to reach for the impossible. If you wish to know more about my own growth story, check out episode 00 of the podcast.

Every other week we will share some great stories through a medium that I have come to just adore. I am learning and growing so much every day thanks to the effort of some amazing podcasters, so now here’s my turn.

Welcome to Growth Story.