Why Holiday Celebrations are so Important at the Office

I love Holidays celebrations. I love how they bring people together and, particularly in the workplace, allow to build deeper relationships. As not all working environment are facilitating socialization on an everyday basis, having an outside of work activity or celebration is ideal to get your team to get along. And I believe history has made it clear that a bonding team is always a big step towards the employee’s motivation and productivity.


I used to work for a large organization, where the administration was, sometimes, a little inconsiderate regarding the happiness of its employees. The job was interesting, the pay was great. But the administration was kind of old fashioned. Really old.


I will always remember my first Christmas party there. I was really looking forward to it. I asked my new colleague what was she planning to wear. And then she said she was going to wear her work uniform. Because she was in the last 4 or 5 people to get hired, she had to work that night.



pexels-photo-196648As a Christmas obsessed person, I found this was unacceptable. Very disappointing for my colleagues concerned by this procedure. And as an employee (and logical human being), I felt like this organization was not doing itself much good by preventing, each year, its newest – probably most motivated – employees to celebrate with their new teams.


Studies, experiences, real life, have shown – without a doubt – that employees who have fun at work are intrinsically motivated to work more and put more effort in giving back to an organization that treats them well. Sounds risky? Will employees still respect the authority in a fun work environment? YES. Take the risk. You will be agreeably surprised.


What do you think about offices parties? How do they affect your feeling toward your employer, your work?



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