Top 5 reasons you didn’t get the job

Wondering why you didn’t get the job? Top tips to make sure you get the job next time.


So, you didn’t get the job. Now what? One of the most discouraging moments in our lives can be hearing “We’re sorry. You didn’t get the job”.  High hopes followed by rejection. It’s a tough pill to swallow. But we believe in exiting gracefully. Thank the interviewee for the opportunity (you never know where you’ll meet again), if appropriate ask for feedback and how they came to their decision, take your moment to feel disappointed and then move forward! Here are some practical tips when applying for future positions.

Your C.V has to sparkle. Did your CV stand out against the other candidates? Employers have to sift through countless CV’s to fill a new position. How did your resume stack up? If every C.V. lists similar accomplishments with a similar lack of personality how do you ensure stand out? Write a few lines at the beginning of you CV “talking” to your accomplishments, passions and how you can help the company! Think of it as your elevator pitch. You’ve got 3-4 lines to capture their attention.  Tailor it to the company and what the job requires. Remember the employers is trying to see how you can help them.

It’s ok to show-off. Showcase your experience and make sure the achievements you’re proud of are not only on your CV but you also tie them into your interview.

We’re you gung-ho? Did you show genuine enthusiasm for the position? Other candidates are vying for the job so both your CV and particularly your interview need to display genuine enthusiasm for your potential work. Genuine energy and passion is an easy way to stand head and shoulders above the other candidates. Of course, employers can’t just hire people on enthusiasm alone. It has to be married with obvious competence for the job, and the best way of displaying that is by drawing on your past experience. By reflecting on how the things you’ve achieved in life and work will aid you in your new job, you’ll show both enthusiasm for the potential position, and also the reasons why you’d be great at it!

Did you do your homework? Didn’t know anything about the employer If you know nothing about the employer, it’s a sure fire sign that you’re not actually that interested in the job. Someone with genuine excitement for the position will do their homework and then some. Research on the company. Ask colleagues, friends, family if they have any insight into the company, business, field, etc…

Your CV didn’t meet the criteria
Even if you’ve followed all of the advice above, sometimes it’s just not meant to be. You submit a great C.V, you nail the interview, but for whatever reason the employer prefers someone else. It really sucks, but hey, Montreal and Toronto are big cities and offer lots of opportunities for people willing to look for them. If you put some effort into finding work, you’ll get some in the end. It just requires passion and perseverance!

Proforce Top Tip: Move on from a job rejection with a positive attitude! Remember there are bigger and better opportunities out there for you! Need a boost? Read 10 People Who Became Wildly Successful After Facing Rejection







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