The top 5 reasons why employees think you suck!

The top 5 reasons why employees think you suck!

Employers often struggle to maintain quality relationships with their employees. The space between top-level management and low-level employees can be quite the distance, particularly in a big company.

If your employees aren’t exactly your biggest fans and you’re wondering why, consider the top 5 reasons why they might think you suck below!

1.       You are condescending

You’re the boss. We get it. But that doesn’t mean you can do no wrong. Taking complaints and concerns from your employees is a great way to gain their trust and true respect. Who knows, they might be on to something!

2.       Your criticism is NOT constructive

Balancing constructive critiques without being rude or mean to your employees is a tough thing to accomplish. If you come across as rude or harsh to your employees, they are bound to think you suck.

3.       You expect your employees to read your mind

If you expect your lower-level employees to just ‘get’ what you want and do it, chances are オンライン カジノ your employees have a hard time respecting you. Don’t expect them to do what you want automatically. Tell them what you want.

4.       You have trust issues

Micro-manage much? If you insist on approving every project and document then you definitely have trust issues. Why wouldn’t your employees think less of you?

5.       You don’t mesh well with your staff

Do you have zero interest in staff member’s personalities and personal lives? Then there is a good chance they have zero interests in what you want them to do.

The good news is you can generate true respect and care from your employees by providing them with a better environment, and of course, by not sucking!

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