Marketing Hack: Are Lay’s Chips Really Doing you a Flavour?

Back in 2012- when Lay’s partner company PepsiCo decided to launch “Do us a Flavour” – they started a revolution- not only in the chip flavours department- but in the way we combine marketing and branding. Some have suggested that this idea came from Lays coming out of ideas for original chip flavours that would appeal to today’s youth and hip market- but whatever the reason, it exploded into salty and sweet goodness all over America. Is it true that the winners of the contest really get 1 million dollars for their creative efforts? It would seem so and millions across America and in Canada are going crazy for this contest.

The reality is though, that this marketing and branding strategy is all about psychology, and putting the power back into the hands of the consumer, a thing that people absolutely LOVE. This moves away from selling people a product- it makes people part of selling a dream or a story and it is interactive and extremely efficient. What’s even better about it is they get to sit back and watch millions of people come up with tasty and creative ideas without paying a single dime!

On top of that- the burden of the final decision is made through consumer voting- no testing or reports required! What the customer wants is exactly what they will vote for- talk about spoon feeding us (the chips) the answer! To be quite frank with you- we- the consumers- are the ones doing Lays a Flavour- and a brilliant one at that. Companies should take a hint from Lays-the flavourlicious mastermind and start asking consumers what THEY want to see in their retail stores- have them come up with the whole thing and then vote for what they would pay for! Way cheaper than paying the Marketing team to rehash stale ideas!

On that note- good job Lays with your Psycho-Marketing Manipulation! You single handedly gave the power to the consumer while significantly reducing your stress levels- increased sales and created a huge following and faith in your brand! Wowza!