The Pros and Cons of Obsessing with Company Culture

The Pro and Cons of Obsessing with Company Culture

It’s on everyone’s lips, it’s in everyone’s feed and it’s annoying. Call it what you will “Company Culture” –“Work Environment”, “Internal Employee Satisfaction” it’s the same sandwich and, like the Kardashians, it’s starting to become overkill.

This company culture fad, just like the obsession with writing about Millennials, will probably pass as quickly as it appeared but, like Steve Harvey at Miss Universe, it will leave its mark forever.

Why can obsessing with creating a good Company Culture hurt you? There seems to be a misconception out there that your work environment has to become a giant playground, catered to the whim of employees to be satisfactory and productive. Does turning the office into a miniature golf course or serving your employees gourmet macchiatos make them stay longer?

Lynn Tabasa, senior recruiting director at Proforce Personnel weighs in on the subject: “I believe that most of what is said on CC is bogus. Most people, who stay at jobs long-term, do it because they get along well with their bosses and with their team members. That’s it. The rest is all fluff. YES, it’s a perk when you have a killer coffee machine. YES, themed days are fun and light-but the core component of happiness within a company stems from the relationships within and feelings of growth.”

If this is true, is it worth it to invest so much time and money into creating a fantabulous-butt-kicking-culture?

“Yes and no. Sure, you can attract me with sexy outings and cool shwag…but that’s only the first few dates. If you want to keep me long-term, I’m going to need something more than a mug with my name, I need to feel valued, respected, cared for and appreciated”, Lynn remarks.

Why do entrepreneurs care anyway? It’s about loyalty. Gone are the days when employees would faithfully stay at the same job for 40 years out of respect or fear. Now we live in a candidate driven market where folks seem to stay only as long as the paint dries and seem to always be looking out for their next-shinier career move. There is no more fear of the unknown, people would rather be happy than become slaves to a paycheck and THAT is why workplace culture has now become so important.

This is the true hidden secret we get from Lynn’s input: Listen to your employees, care, learn about them and foster relationships with your staff, this matters as much as having a good company culture.

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