What #firstsevenjobs Says About Success


The twitter-sphere was recently abuzz with the latest hashtag #firstsevenjobs which featured successful people like celebrities and CEO’s posting about their first jobs. Most of the revelations were interesting, some shocking, and others were downright hilarious.

Besides being inspirational and funny, what do these twitter posts mean for young (or seasoned) entrepreneurs? What is the takeaway from listing your first 7 jobs and what do they reveal about modern-day success?

1.That, pretty much EVERYONE starts at the bottom of the food chain

twitter-buzz-aldrinFamous astronaut Buzz Aldrin started off washing dishes and working in summer camps…nowadays, he’s about as “high” as one could get!Like Buzz, you can’t limit yourself. The whole cheesy “reach for the stars” thing may be just that…a little cheesy, but who doesn’t dream of being an astronaut when they are little? However, who actually goes out and REALLY does it? Less than 600 people have been in space EVER and we’re currently over 7 billion…you do the math! And guess what? that job ain’t easy, so, people who want things and dare to dream, make things happen for themselves, and that includes astronauts and CEO’s.



2. That giving up on your dreams is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t

derpAaron Levie (co-founder and CEO of Box) failed more than once at starting his company, but that certainly didn’t dissuade him from continuing to pursue his dream and look at him now- a young and successful entrepreneur! Those who succeed pretty much always fail at their first attempts.
Like Aaron, and all the other big names, take the risk, be prepared for pitfalls along the way but don’t let that stop you.





3.That you can try different paths to success

stephencolbertfirst7TV personality Stephen Colbert definitely has a colourful and “jack-of all trades” resume! Can you imagine him making futon frames, bussing tables or sitting quietly in a library entering data? Neither can we! There is clearly no single path to success.

Like Stephen, who’s enjoyed putting his eggs in different baskets, you will also juggle with different options for your businesses’s success. Should you  partner with a company or stay true to our roots? Which direction should you take? It does not matter- there are no guarantees or proven winning formulas, you just have to trust your gut and be open to trying different things.


4. Embrace the experience

againBefore becoming a successful model, actress and activist, Hari Nef interned at the famous Living Theatre and online fashion magazines like jv8inc. She was willing to work for free but felt that you could not put a price tag on experience.

What would she suggest? Take the internship. Find the mentor. Ask for advice. Go to the networking event. Do everything you can to get your foot in the door and get that much closer to your dream career. When you have figured out what you want, it’s your job to get all the hands-on-experience you can so that you are better prepared to fly on your own when the time comes to be your own boss, which is ultimately what you really want.



mirasorvino5. That it’s worthwhile to travel and learn about other cultures


Actress Mira Sorvino spent some time abroad (In China no-less) and taught English there. She also tutored Mandarin upon her return to the US. What a great way to meet people, be enriched and share knowledge!

To really be the best leader, entrepreneur and CEO- you will-sooner rather than later be in a position of teaching others.You must therefore be open to learning from your predecessors. This can be done in many ways (University-travel-apprenticeship-work experience) but you must become a sponge- absorb everything you can- learn especially from other’s successes and failures.


This is all fine and dandy, but what lies at the crux of #firstsevenjobs? What do your first attempts at joining the rat race really tell about the success you will have as a business owner?


That’s right. These light and fluffy posts reveal the truth about today’s success stories, and flops. #myfirstsevenjobs entertained us all on twitter for a few weeks but should be seen as more than a passing fad. We must understand why we became fascinated with the idea in the first place and delve further into the psyche of what makes a great entrepreneurial success story:




-Being Goal-Oriented

-Desire to learn


This seems to be the recipe. As an entrepreneur, does this resonate with you?




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