Only distinguishable candidates get the job they want

Only distinguishable candidates get the job they want

Intrigued aren’t you?

Having been working for a specialized recruitment firm for the past ten years I have seen several thousand candidates doing the same hundreds of positions in the CPG industry.  I only remember the unique ones.

When employers choose to meet with you be aware: YOU ARE NOT ALONE in the process.  The employer will have chosen other candidates to meet, so you will be up against people with a similar profile to yours.  The employer has set standards and chosen candidates that have all the prerequisites.  Chances are they have the same list of responsibilities as you but in another company.  Have you ever asked yourself how the employer chooses?  Instead of asking yourself that question, what you should be asking is how different are you from the others interviewing for this position.  Now that’s constructive!

As a recruiter I base my first screening on hard skills on a resume, then when the phone screen is done and I have validated all the information on the resume I invite a candidate to meet face to face and this is where I expect the candidate to distinguish themselves from the others.  Ok! Here’s how you do this.

Let’s assume that they’ve read your resume, they should know what responsibilities you’ve held.  What they don’t know is how you’ve handled them in your past jobs.  The responsibility is common to everyone (ie. A receptionist answers the phone) WE ALL KNOW A RECEPTIONIST ANSWERS THE PHONE !  What we want to know is how you do it. The capacity in which you handle that responsibility makes you unique and thus distinguishable (ie. I work on a 10 line console and answer over 180 calls a day)   Quantifying your work, adding numbers and accomplishments to the responsibility will allow the person in front of you to compare your ability with his expectations and help him to a clearer decision.  Often you’re getting interviewed by people that don’t have much experience interviewing so you will have to work hard at offering them more than they know how to ask for.  Make sure you talk about your process and how it impacts your results.

It’s very important to have a capacity for each responsibility, readily available for discussion.  That’s how you will make a lasting impression on the employer.

The best way to go about this is to take your list of hard skills or responsibilities and break them down in the capacity you handle them or accomplishments you have had for each of them and get ready to sell yourself.  A structured well prepared discussion sets you apart from your competitors.

That’s how you make yourself DISTINGUISHABLE…

Christopher Livingstone- CPC Recruitment Professional

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