5 ways to Nail Onboarding Millennials

New Year, fresh faces at the office, some of which are from a completely different generation. As a company stakeholder, you want the onboarding process to go smoothly for everyone and make your millennial newbies feel welcome!

Here are the 5 best ways to nail the onboarding process

1. Have the Tech Ready.
Millennials grew up with technology and work best when utilizing those skills. Millennial Joe or Jane will not be impressed if they get to the office and their computer is not connected, the printer and phones don’t work and they can’t access the WIFI. Make sure everything works so they can come in and set up shop right away. Look at it this way, the faster the tools work, the faster they can get to work!

2. Tell them their input and creativity matter.
Millennials want to work for companies that let them be themselves; where their opinion is valued, not some big and boring machine! Explain how your company differs from the generic and can offer them the opportunity to express their ideas, innovate and participate in growth.

3. Don’t obsess about the dress code.
Contrary to what some may say, millennials are not lazy and happen to be some of the most dedicated and hardworking employees out there. However, they are not particularly interested in dressing in the traditional corporate style. Explain the dress code but, don’t be too harsh! Millennial Joe or Jane may be more comfortable working in flannel and jeans than in a 3 piece suit.

4. Show them the fun right away!
In the first week, integrate them head-first into company activities. Whip out the karaoke machine; give them a tour and a list of the coolest coffee shops around the office. All work and no play makes the millennial unhappy, so inject some fun and show them how your office culture rocks.

5. Be a mentor-not a boss.
Millennials don’t want to work UNDER a boss; they want to work WITH a leader. Ideally, this person can be their mentor, teach them the ropes and elevate their career to the next level. Be warned, this generation of workers will not take kindly to fetching you coffee and going to pick up your dry-cleaning, they are there to be useful!

Rest assured that if they see you as a leader and mentor they will be passionate, innovative and devoted staff that will fit right in with your existing team.