How to Shine Bright at Your Office’s Christmas Party this Year


With the Holidays just around the corner, your office’s Christmas party is approaching. This corporate ritual presents a great opportunity to shine among your peers and show off your admirable personality. How does one can do that, you ask? Let me tell you, it is much easier than you might think.

Don’t drink and drive. 

You already know why this unfortunate situation is extremely dangerous, ILLEGAL and must be avoided at all costs. But somehow, without fail, every year, someone, somewhere gets behind the wheel after too many drinks.

So, not for you of course, but for that person,

Here are our best tips on how to avoid this whole drinking and driving disaster and make the most of it.


Public transports!

Gone are the days of car-addiction. The STM offers an unlimited evening pass at the very reasonable price of $5, allowing you to use bus and metro from 6PM to 5AM the next day as many times as you possibly can. It’s the ideal deal for small budgets and multiple stops evenings.

Plus, on New Year’s Eve, the Montreal metro will be open all night! Awesome!


Call Operation Red Nose.

BREAKING NEWS: It’s there, and it’s made for this situation. Use it. You are welcome!

Pssst: Having a lonely meaningless Holidays season? Volunteer! Help people getting home safe and clearing the roads of alcohol’s dangers while meeting nice people just like you from your area.


Get yourself a designated driver.

Bully your colleague, life-partner, mom, weird uncle, into being your designated driver for the night. Mean? Hey, at least you will not drink and drive. Nobody is perfect.


Use Téo Taxi.

Have you not heard? Téo Taxi is the latest up-and-coming way of transportation in the area! It’s the perfect way for all the tech-savvy, green-life enthusiasts out there to get home after a wild Christmas night in excellent consciousness and style. Free wifi comes with your transportation, allowing you to post one last brilliant selfie before bed.


Do not drink.

You do not need alcohol to have fun…

JOKE, you can skip to our next tip!

(But seriously, you can enjoy a Christmas party without drinking. Simply order a nice-looking, non-alcoholic, sparkling, fruity, festive drink. The feeling is there, guaranteed! Think about all the calories you are avoiding by skipping the alcohol … and treat yourself to a second piece of pie because you now can!


Never pass your drivers license?

My personal favorite. This creative technique ensures that you are never driving, which decreases tremendously your chances of drinking and driving this Holiday season. Who really needs a driver’s license? If you live in the city, certainly not you! You can pass on many annual costs of insurance, car maintenance expenses, and jeez, gas money! Anyway, cars are not a green solution to sustainable development, so you’d be crazy to spend money on a driver’s license… Really…



This holiday season, promise you will not drink and drive.
Love, from all of us here at Proforce.


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