Catch Talent like Pokémon GO!

The Pokémon GO phenomenon has the world in a frenzy, with its launch this month turning everyone from kids to seniors into Pokémasters. For those of you who have been wondering why you have been spotting seemingly normal looking citizens running like mad through parks- you probably witnessed a full-on-pokémon-catch.

This behaviour is how employers and hiring professionals feel when they are trying to catch top candidates playing hide and seek! Here are tips and tricks to catch great staff (and pokémon too!).

1.Wait for Pikachu (i.e. your best choice)

Game tip: At the beginning of the Pokémon GO game, you will be offered a variety of pokémon to start with- Squirtle-Bulbasaur-Charmander….as cute as they are…WALK AWAY. They are NOT your desired superstar, though they might seem that way.

Hiring tip: Don’t settle for the first applicants! Eventually, you will be offered a Pikachu as your companion (the diamond you have been seeking) and they will prove to be much more helpful long term!

2. There’s a skill to catching higher level pokémon…

Catching the basic level pokemon is fairly simple; you just have to make contact with them and your pokéballl and presto! However, you will soon notice that- as the game increases in difficulty- it will become harder and harder. How do you capture high ranking-top-tier professionals?

Game tip: In the game- you must press and hold the Pokeball which will make a circle appear around your desired target. The circle will also have a unique color- showing how difficult it is to capture it – then you throw the ball!

Hiring tip: This means 2 things: know as much information as you can on your potential hire and seduce them slowly and tactfully- going too fast could scare them off.

3. WHERE do you find your next catch?

Game tip: On the bottom right-hand side of the gaming screen- you can see silhouettes of Pokemon close to you- and the amount of shadowed footprints indicates how close they are to you…but how does that help me find my next employee?

Hiring tip: You can use websites such as Indeed.ca and Careerbuilder to verify who’s CV’s have been uploaded for review- and when they were last updated. If a CV has been updated in the last month or 2- that is a clear indicator that that candidate is active in their job search.

4. Make sure you smell pretty!

Game tip: using incense makes you smell attractive to Pokemon and will lure them to you for 30 mins so don’t be afraid to use it!

Hiring tip: Ok so spritzing on too much cologne might NOT be the way to go, but it is worthwhile to put your best foot forward when attempting to headhunt or recruit. Whether it’s your favourite “go-get’em suit” or your most attractive phone voice, don’t be sloppy and make a lasting impression.

Hope these tips will help you catch that desired hire- and help you with your Pokémon GO!


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