Top Positions in Food and Beverage your Competitors are Using Recruiters for in 2016

We are currently in our spring/summer rush and have been actively recruiting for companies in your industry!

This means we are screening and meeting with many professionals in the food and beverage domain that are either on the market, referred from our network , or being headhunted by us for companies just like you!

Here are the current hot positions we are recruiting for in the case that there are any present needs in your company in these categories:

1. Quality Assurance

2. Operations:

3. Sales


1. Quality Assurance

With higher demands for quality products from consumers and retailers – these positions become much more important than ever- which is why we are extremely meticulous in our screening for all positions related to this domain. The top qualities we look for in candidates in this field are: analytical skills, high integrity, strong eye for detail, strong judgement, ability to make decisions and good communication skills.

The right candidate will think quickly on their feet and be critical. It is important that they do not let anything slip under their radar thus impacting your business in a negative way It is equally important for the employee to communicate clearly (both verbally and through written reports) and with integrity to the product’s standard of quality. Our candidates will help you attain your new certification goals or help prepare strong structured audits.

2. Operations

The Operations Department (also known as the glue that hold everything together) ! From Paperwork to Production- all team members absolutely MUST be team players because these are jobs that depend on cross departmental communication. When we look for the perfect Operations person to add to your team, we make sure that they have exceptional planning and organizational skills- as well as the ability to meet deadlines and be problem solvers!

Your Operations people are the gears to your business- they are solutions oriented, focused, and make sure all departments run smoothly.

3. Sales

There is always demand to find amazing salespeople- because we all know that the right sales and business development people are the ones who keep your business growing and thriving . This includes inside and outside sales across the country and on an international scale.

The best salespeople are dynamic and speak in numbers and achievements. Whether it be for relationship building, retention or business development, B2B or B2C, choosing the perfect sales rep to bring to your team can be challenging. It has been proven however- that sales testing is very efficient at discerning what type of salesperson you have on your hands – Proforce offers this type of high quality testing!
This is going to be a HOT season for hiring, and Proforce is here to help make the ride smooth- efficient and way more pleasant! Give us a call today so we can help you find that perfect person for your team!



Some key positions we recruit for (but are not limited to) :

Quality Assurance Managers, QA Technicians, HACCP Coordinators, Regulatory Affairs, Production Managers with Six Sigma TLM, Operations Managers, Key Account Managers, Category Managers, Food Service Sales Reps and sales Coordinators


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