Episode 41 : Investing in yourself to help others



Sherri Rabinovitch is a passionate HR & career specialist who founded her own consulting business called The People Guru. Sherri’s story is so interesting: she found so much success she is now a regular contributor on TV, but she also had to overcome great challenges such as psychological harassment and hostile work environment, as well as, more on the personal side, being diagnosed with breast cancer. In this episode, we are also going to talk about what people can do to better market themselves when looking for a job and what companies can do to hire better.

What you’ll learn:

  • Sherri’s grandparents were Holocaust survivors and that had a big impact on her. She says they transmitted her qualities like being open-minded, tolerant, and progressist.
  • Initially, Sherri’s plan was to study employment law, to get a good salary and be able to give her extra time to the cause she really cared about: abused and neglected children.

Notable quotes:

  • “I’m of the philosophy that you can’t run a department if you haven’t done all the functions.” – Sherri about her first job in HR for a multinational company.
  • “They hired me based on potential, which is a very good hiring decision! Don’t think of your needs now, think of your needs in the future.” – Sherri commenting on strategic hiring decisions and investing in employees.

Show notes:

01:30 – Sherri is an HR specialist and the founder of The People Guru.

07:50 – Sherri grew up in Côte-Saint-Luc in Montreal.

13:00 – After leaving law school, Sherri went to do an HR certificate at Mcgill.

32:50 – Sherri mentions a mentor who inspired her and got her out of a pattern of self-doubting her career choices: Freda Stolz.

58:00 – Sherri is also giving her career & HR advice on TV, including for Breakfast Television and Global.

01:03:00 – You can find more about Sherri on her website The People Guru, connect with her on LinkedIn.