Episode 40 : A new president for Proforce Personnel




For this last episode of 2018, our host David is pleased to introduce Simon St-Amand, his successor as president of Proforce Personnel. While David is opening up his horizons with a newly acquired business in the health industry, Simon, prior director of recruitment for Proforce’s food division, is stepping up and taking the lead on the company’s day to day. When Simon first applied to work at Proforce, he wasn’t even called back for an interview. Now he’s the president of the company. Listen to this very special episode to know all about Simon’s amazing journey and learn more about David’s new business.


Simon’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Part one”

What you’ll learn:

  • Simon was influenced by his grandfather who was also an entrepreneur. He had opened up the first TV store back in his village.
  • Simon played football throughout high school and college. Football really helped him in keeping his grades up and developing his discipline, confidence and teamworking skills.

Notable quotes:

  • “I’m curious to see how you got from recruiting to… blood!” – Simon asking how David chose to acquire a business in the health industry considering his background in recruitment.
  • “I knew how to manage two companies already… Could I run a third?” – David on getting interested in pursewing other business ventures.
  • “I really love our clients. When I see their products at the groceries store, I buy them, I’m so proud.” – Simon on his passion for Quebec’s food industry and particularly his own clients.

Show notes:

03:00 – Simon St-Amand is the new president and shareholder of Proforce Personnel.

03:40 – David Inzlicht, former president of Proforce, is now the executive director. He’s also now president of Inzlicht Industries, which is an umbrella organization that has shares in Proforce Personnel, as well as a few other companies.

03:50 – David recently acquired another company, a blood clinic called Logistique Rouge.

05:00 – David refers to previous podcast guests who acquired businesses and whose stories inspired him, like Karim Abouzeid.

14:30 – Simon grew up in the east of Montreal.

35:00 – Simon worked for a company called Alimentation Maison in sales coaching and recruiting. This was his first foot in the food industry as it is now his specialty in recruiting.

59:55 – To find out more, connect with Simon on LinkedIn and David on LinkedIn.