Episode 33 : Reaching your dream by helping others reach theirs




Omozua is a certified coach for entrepreneur, executives and managers. She teaches to leaders and organizations how to level up their confidence, increase emotional intelligence, unleash their creativity, manage talents… the list goes on. Omozua always knew she loved encouraging and helping the people around her, but she had to go through a few work and life experiences (and a few countries around the world!) before finding her true calling and launching her own business as a professional coach.


Omozua’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Moving from the bleeding heart to courage”

What you’ll learn:

  • Omozua was born in Wales, she grew up in London, then moved to Nigeria at 11 years old. She since lived in Germany and Luxembourg!
  • It is one of her student who was himself a coach who said to her she should become a coach.

Notable quotes:

  • “They are aiming to become the doctors, the accountants, the lawyers, I come from a family that’s full of just that, and I didn’t like any of it.” – Omozua on the pressure that came with meeting with her all of her cousins that were all super ambitious and successful in these traditional professions.
  • “One thing I realized, even as a little girl, was that I loved motivating people.” – One of her memories from school was that her coaching spirit was already there.

Show notes:

21:00 – Omozua worked as a chef in Germany for a while.

21:05 – She started studying social management in Germany and absolutely loved it.

30:50 – Omozua’s mom had her own business, a beauty salon.

39:00 – She started working as a teacher at the language school Berlitz.

42:50 – She moved to Luxembourg to continue teaching.

01:01:50 – Omozua invites you to connect with her at www.omozua.com or on LinkedIn.