Episode 30 : How to grow efficiently?




Jonathan Maldoff is president of Intellera. For Jonathan, the key to success in business is efficiency. He built his own business out of that by offering solutions that bridge the gap between people, processes and technologies. Jonathan is the proof that you don’t have to run eagerly after anything and everything to succeed as an entrepreneur, that making the smart moves at the right calculated times is what puts you and your team ahead. Listen to the full episode to get the details on the story of this entrepreneur that always keeps his team in mind and gives back to the community.


Jonathan’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Slow and steady wins the race”

What you’ll learn:

  • Jonathan’s became an entrepreneur at 27 years old. He went into business with some colleagues and an existing accounting firm, he had to borrow money to invest it in this new venture.
  • Jonathan’s father and uncle ran the family business started by his grandfather. Jonathan grew up in this entrepreneurial environment and spent a lot of time in the dye house.

Notable quotes:

  • “What left the biggest impact on me was the operation of that business: the manufacturing, how everything moved, how did the machines work, how did the people move products, how sales interacted…” – Jonathan on the influence of his spending his childhood in the family business and how it raised his interest in processes.
  • “We agreed to disagree and we split up in 2002. And that’s how Intellera was formed.” – Jon on how the partnership was disagreeing on the direction to take for the firm, so they each took their own and he launched his company.
  • “Don’t be afraid to fail. You’re going to make it through these ups and downs.” – Jon’s tip for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Show notes:

03:50 – Intellera was founded in 2002 to help companies be more efficient in managing the links between their people, processes and technology.

08:00 – Jonathan grew up in Montreal. He is an anglophone, but also fluent in French, which was very beneficial in developing a business in Quebec.

10:35 – Jonathan decided to not go into the family business and got a degree in computer science and math. He was very analytical. He felt there was going to be a great future in computers.

16:00 – When the company Jonathan was working for was bought by EY in 1992, he left with two colleagues and launched a business in partnership with another accounting firm to recreate the same kind of service they were doing in providing clients with technology consulting.

38:00 – Jonathan mentions working projects with the Agile approach.

01:01:00 – Jonathan invites people who want to get in touch with him to call him up (yes, on a phone) at 514-979-3981 or to send him an email at jm@intellera.com or connect on LinkedIn.