Episode 03: Committed to Success



Charles Marleau runs Palos Management since 2001, a very successful investment firm. Today, Palos manages about 400 million in assets. But Charles knows that success is never a given, and that consistency, commitment, and tenacity are what makes the difference. 

Charles’s Growth Story book title: “Tenacity.”

What you’ll learn:

  • Charles knew for a long time he wanted to work in something related to finances, economics.
  • Charles grew up in the West-Island of Montreal and later went to boarding school.
  • The two reasons why bring a company public.
  • How Charles convinced his first clients to invest!

Notable quotes:

  • “The second year a little easier than the first year… but not much easier!” – Charles on how the importance of tenacity: even when the first step is done, keeping up is what will bring you success.


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