Episode 29 : How to grow your business with social media?




James Stephan-Usypchuk is CEO of JSU Solutions. James journey began as he was still a baby when he got cancer. After his recovery, James and his family became very active in fundraising, an experience from which he developed a very focused and entrepreneurial mind. It’s no surprise that today, still in his twenties, James is at the head of a very successful digital agency and is considered the top Facebook Ads expert in Canada! Discover how he went from beginning to work on social media, to managing a couple clients as a freelancer, to now helping a handful of companies grow their business online. All this without having to pick up the phone, simply by understanding the power of a network and social media.

James’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Unconquerable : the journey of a stubborn son of a gun”

What you’ll learn:

  • James was greatly influenced by the fact he suffered from cancer at 2 years old. For years after his remission, he and his family were doing fundraising, which James considers as an important source of his entrepreneurial and disciplined mind.
  • James’s mom quit her job and launched her own business to be able to work closer to him. She was very successful as an entrepreneur and her work became an influence for James.
  • James decided to leave university when his company took off. It was a difficult decision, but he calculated he was losing too much money by not working on his leads, and when he did quit school, the company grew by 300% in 6 months.

Notable quotes:

  • “You really need to speak to them, tell your story, connect with them on an emotional level, and that’s where you have to get them to say yes to donate.” – James on how his fundraising experience really helped shape his entrepreneurial mind.
  • “I’ve never cold called.” – Network and social media were always James’s sources of business.

Show notes:

05:15 – JSU Solutions is a full-service digital marketing firm specializing in Facebook ads and leads generation.

07:50 – James grew up in Laval.

08:30 – From 5 to 15 years old, James raised funds for the Stars Foundation while in remission.

15:30 – James studied psychology in CEGEP at Dawson College, and then went for while at Concordia University, but left when his company took off.

18:40 – James worked at Bombardier and at Sun Life during his schooling.

56:10 – JSYou is an all-in-one training resource that James developed for entrepreneurs that can’t afford an agency. It takes the form of a private Facebook group.

59:50 – You can find James on LinkedIn.