Episode 27 : How to be More Influential Online?




Brittany Krystle is a personal brand and growth consultant helping people grow their industry influence online. Before going on her own and launching her podcast “Beyond Influential”, Brittany worked with some of the most influential people of the web including the wildly popular Gary Vaynerchuk, for whose company she worked both in L.A. and NYC. In this episode, she tells us about her personal journey, from being pushed to law school while wanting to start a career in entertainment, to making her way to TV networks and then finding her true calling in influence, personal branding, and social media. Brittany also shares some great tactics about content management as well as some strategies to become more influential online.

Brittany’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Beyond Influential”

What you’ll learn:

  • Brittany calls herself a “Guatejew” as her mom is Guatemalan and her father is from New York and Jewish of European descent.
  • She loved television growing up and wanted to work in entertainment, even though her family pushed her to study law.
  • Brittany maintains there is a place for everyone to be influential on social media as everyone is unique in their way and it’s “still early”.

Notable quotes:

  • “They never encouraged entrepreneurship. It was about finding the safe, solid route, where you could have a skill and you could take that with you, and always be able to apply that somewhere.” – Brittany about her parents encouraging her to go for a profession to secure her future.
  • Anybody can do it, it’s just easier with a team. – Brittany on how building an influential personal brand on social is accessible to all but requires work.
  • “People wanna know the people behind the people. – Brittany explaining how authenticity and vulnerability are what works on social media in the current shift towards more raw and real content.

Show notes: 

04:50 – Brittany Krystle is a personal brand and growth consultant helping people grow their industry influence online.

04:40 – Brittany lives in Huntington Beach in California, and grew up just outside Los Angeles.

06:40 – Brittany graduated from UCLA and then went to Georgetown for law school.

23:55 – After working for an agency and then a management company, Brittany went to work for a reality TV production company called Renegade, before realizing that networks where the real decisions makers, and going to work for Lifetime.

26:40 – Brittany applied for a job at VaynerMedia that she saw through a tweet by the company’s CEO Gary Vaynerchuk and got it.

32:15 – Gary asked Brittany to come work in the New York office as he was working on his next book and was going to focus on his personal brand. She went in July 2015.

35:45 – Tom Bilyeu from Quest Nutrition was one of Brittany’s clients Vayner Talent.

40:00 – Brittany founded and hosts the podcast Beyond Influential.

01:01:00 – You can connect with Brittany online at www.brittanykrystle.com, and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @BrittanyKrystle