Episode 26 : How do Companies Grow?




How DO companies grow? This question is the main focus of this special episode featuring not one, but TWO guests! Josh Miller and Mike Newton are respectively partner and managing partner at FL Fuller Landau, a full-service accounting firm downtown Montreal. Because that’s what they do both for their clients and for their own firm, they discuss all sorts of way companies can grow: acquisition, business development, hiring people, marketing… And of course, all the challenges that come with!

What you’ll learn:

  • One of the biggest challenges of Josh and Mike’s roles as partners is to not settle for comfort and try to do things differently and think outside the box in a profession that is otherwise very traditional.
  • Mike recalls that the two first real marketing initiatives for the firm were the radio show and their fundraiser.

Notable quotes:

  • “Then we try and go sell marketing concepts to people who don’t get marketing” – Mike on the difficulties of incorporating marketing in an accounting world where the return on investment has to be perceived very quickly.
  • “We deal with entrepreneurs, with PME around the world, and there must be some things that keep everyone of them awake at night. – Josh on how they came up with the idea for their radio show.

Show notes: 

01:55 – Mike is managing partner at FL Fuller Landau and, Josh, also a partner at the firm, has a radio show on CJAD called Today’s Entrepreneur.

03:40 – Fuller Landau is a full-service traditional accounting firm.

16:19 – The fundraiser that Fuller Landau supports, Dragon Boat, is for the benefit of Cedars Cancer Institute.

23:10 – Josh has interviewed over 200 entrepreneurs on the radio show Today’s Entrepreneur.

01:08:50 – FL has a sister company, Pvisio, that offers all of their non-traditional services such as marketing, human resources, virtual CFO, bookkeeper, all in a consulting type work and in courses. It was born out demands from the firm’s clients.

01:09:30 – Under Pvisio’s banner, they acted as co-founder of the Montreal edition of FUN Nights Montreal.