Episode 25 : Where work ethic, the right people & attitude will take you



Joseph is president and co-owner of the smart home company Homesync. With his very diverse and particular background; from graduating engineering school at 21 years-old to joining the military forces years after his parents moved his family to Canada to avoid war, it’s no surprise that Joseph ended up choosing the road less travelled of entrepreneurship. Hear all about the challenges of doing business in an emerging/technological field and the indispensable things you need to succeed (refer to this episode’s title for a clue!)

Joseph’s Growth Story Book Title: 

“Surround yourself (with a good attitude)”

Surround yourself well, with great people, whether it’s at home, your management team, your customers, and your partners. That’s also why we only hire with attitude.

What you’ll learn:

  • Before launching HomeSync, Joseph studied in engineering. It wasn’t exactly the path he wanted, but it what the safe/good choice. His brothers are also engineers.
  • Joseph’s parents were immigrants so, without having education or job opportunities, they became entrepreneurs.

Notable quotes:

  • “I was always into solving problems.” – Joseph on why he choose to study engineering, but he was also interested in business (obviously) and law.
  • “I installed it in my house as a showroom. We’re in the smart house business so what better way to show it than in a house setting? – Joseph on how he used his own living and dining room as a showroom and office at first.

Show notes: 

02:50 – Joseph Kade is president and co-founder of HomeSync.

04:00 – Joseph grew up in the West Island of Montreal but went to French school.

09:10 – Because the French school system isn’t the same as Quebec schools, Joseph started CEGEP at 15 years old (instead of 17).

09:26 – Joseph graduated from Montreal’s well-known engineering school Polytechnique at 21 years old.

15:44 – After his first year in university Joseph joined the reserve of the Canadian Forces.

24:14 – Joseph worked for 4-5 years at Bell Canada in sales engineering.

38:00 – Joseph launched HomeSync officially in 2009.

45:00 – They opened the first office for Homesync in 2013. Before, it was all done from home.

57:00 – Joseph mentions Eric Naaman, previous podcast guest, as a mentor to him.

01:07:10 – Joseph mentions an uber-like business of on-demand technicians he launched in 2016 called HeroPin.