Episode 23 : Self-Made Businesswoman Finding her Vocation



Certified Real Estate Broker and co-founder of Witt Realty Inc, Heidi is a dedicated businesswoman and mother of three. Even if she only found her true vocation in real estate later in her professional journey, her hard work and passion for people propelled her to tremendous success. The realtor profession being already very entrepreneurial, Heidi really took the leap when she started operating under her own name only a few years in the industry. Learn all about the challenges, decisive moments, wins, and amazing lessons from her growth story as a broker, a mom, a businesswoman, and an entrepreneur.

Heidi’s Growth Story Book Title: 


From pharmaceuticals to staying home, to having a baby – three kids, to Witt Realties, it’s pretty simple; I’ve worked very, very hard through many challenges in my life. I got divorced. I’m still here, and I’m doing extremely well, and I’m very proud to be on my own. I got my own house, a nice car, and I’ve done it all on my own. This is my strength: I’m very proud to be Heidi Witt. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Heidi first got into real estate when, after trying the stay-at-home-mom life and getting really bored, she started taking care of some properties she and her ex-husband had invested in. She liked it so she bought some more properties, and went back to school study real estate.
  • Just when Heidi had her third baby, her real estate career was really taking off so she had to make some arrangements. After taking three days off as a maternity leave, she went back to work and got to be well-known in Cote-St-Luc as the realtor who’s taking her three children with her to open houses.
  • When she decided to go on her own as an independent realtor, Heidi had to back to school for a year full-time to get her license. It was the hardest year of her life: she was going school by day and continuing her real estate activities by night, with 3 young kids, and a husband who worked almost as much as her.
  • Heidi mentions being so successful and passionate about real estate because of her love of people and her social personality, which she thinks is at the core of this profession.

Notable quotes:

  • “There is a lot of behind-the-scenes that people don’t know about real estate. They see the VENDU signs, which go up, maybe some quickly, but they don’t know that I’ve worked every Sunday for 12 hours, that my clients called me 11 PM at night or 5 AM.” – On how being a realtor sometimes seems easy from the outside because they can get lucky, but that it is, in reality, a 24-hours a day job.
  • “She took me from just a realtor to Heidi Witt. – Heidi about her experience working with Nina Miller, who Heidi considers an industry leader and mentor.
  • “I would not be where I am today without my children. I couldn’t be prouder of what they did for me. My children have always been a support for me. – Heidi on her children (now teen and young adults) who were always positive and encouraging with her working nights and weekends but never missing a basketball game.
  • “I have an amazing talent for follow up. I’m very very organized. – About how working in open houses context lead to working with buyers and how following up with them is one thing that made her very successful.

Show notes: 

02:10 – Heidi Witt is now operating under her own name at Witt Realties and she has been in the real estate business for 15 years. She started at Royal Lepage and worked there for a year and a half. Then she worked for Nina Miller Realties for a few years.

02:50 – Heidi grew up first in Chomedey then in Hampstead, both in the greater Montreal.

03:00 – Heidi attended the Jewish school Bialik, as well as her children now (and David’s).

03:45 – As teens, she and her brothers had to work: delivering the Gazette, Canadian Tire, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sport Experts, Pantorama. Their parents taught them very good lessons about the value of money and made them earn their own at a very young age.

04:25 – Heidi attended University of Western Ontario.

06:00 – Heidi’s dad had a very successful business in the clothing industry and his mom was a praised teacher. They were truly great role models for Heidi.

07:00 – Heidi’s mom taught her a powerful lesson about honesty that she lives by and tells her kids now: “If you don’t lie, you can never be caught.”

07:50 – After high school, Heidi went to Vanier College in social studies and then at McGill for a year in psychology, and ended up graduating from Western.

08:30 – Heidi mentions owing a lot of her success in life to her experience as a camper and then a counsellor at Camp Massad and Camp B’nai Brith. Learning independence, learning how to be with kids, not having your parents to take care of you, the friendships she developed, even many clients now are people she met at camp.

15:40 – After graduating from Western, Heidi came back home and started the social work program at McGill, but after a year she was offered a job as a manager at a weight loss clinic called Nutrisystem at 22 years old.

17:10 – At 24, Heidi was offered a job at a pharmaceutical company called Pharmascience. She was developing the Ontario markets that didn’t have sales rep at the time. Later, she transitioned to a product coordinator position and stayed with this company for over 13 years.

18:40 – After having her second child, Heidi was tired from the long hours and decided to be a stay-at-home mom but she got bored after 6 months.

19:30 – Heidi went to school in Nun’s Island at College Immobilier du Québec and they bought some more duplex and income properties around NDG.

20:15 – After a year working at Royal Lepage, Heidi won a top performance award. Not realizing she had been so successful in her new career, she had planned on having a third child, and so she got pregnant.