Are Employee Performance Reviews Still Necessary?

Employee Performance Reviews

While it might seem a tad old school or even annoying at times, employee performance reviews, otherwise known as performance appraisals, are a proven means of showing staff members where they need to improve before the problem gets out of hand. It’s an opportunity, experts say, to make much-needed, small-course corrections and improve the overall performance of not just the one staff member, but the entire company.

However, as some critics contend employee performance reviews are too focused on the negative, it is always important to provide balance in reviews. Reviews must show both positive and negative aspects of an employee’s performance because, not only does this create a sense of positive reinforcement, it also makes harsher critiques easier to swallow.

Quarterly Reviews Recommended

Experts recommend quarterly reviews over annual so as to ensure poor performances are dealt with swiftly and effectively. When an employee is not meeting certain requirements or failing to perform certain tasks to standard, this can actually cost the company time and money. It is important that, rather than waiting an entire year to stamp out this behavior, the reviews are delivered on a regular basis.

Get Feedback

Reviews also allow employers to get feedback from the workforce and this is essential to running a thriving business. Employees are on the ground level and see the inner workings of the company first-hand.

While the employer is busy reviewing a worker’s overall importance, the employer should also be listening for tips and clues on how to improve certain aspects of the company. Maybe it’s a scheduling problem or maybe something can be done more efficiently. Either way, employees often provide valuable ideas that help companies flourish.

Improving Communication

Performance appraisals allow management to effectively evaluate staff while, at the same time, communicating certain concerns to that employee. The occasional memo, email or a quick chat doesn’t have the long-lasting impact of an employee review which they can then keep with them to re-read, remember and act upon accordingly. Employee reviews may be annoying, but they are still a necessary evil in any business.



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