Don’t hire a purple squirrel. Find great candidates, not perfect ones

don't hire a purple squirrel

Chances are you’ve never seen a purple squirrel; that rare, highly-talented, sought after recruit. These “perfect” candidates are the trophy of the talent pool and almost impossible to catch. If you have caught a glimpse of a purple squirrel, have you ever been successful in catching one?


So, what is a purple squirrel? They are the PERFECT candidate.

  • Perfect skill sets.
  • Perfect experience.
  • Perfect education.

Here’s why we think you should nix the purple squirrel recruiting strategy and focus on hiring a GREAT candidate…not the perfect one. HIDDEN COSTS. The time, focus and money you invest in trying to find a purple squirrel canadian online gambling can be both frustrating and futile. You need to analyze your ROI. How much time and money did you spend vs your success rate in hiring. If purple squirrels are few and far between, how much do you invest? These are the hidden costs of catching the elusive purple squirrel.

Most of the time the perfect candidate does not materialize. So what do you do? We say pull out the strategic-dye and nurture your own purple squirrel. Focused on candidates that can grow with your business. Help them build their skills and the experience they need to get the job done then turn your great performer into your very own purple squirrel.

Steps to build your own Purple Squirrel:

  1. Do an honest evaluation of what the company and job really require.
  2. Capture, nurture and convert a GREAT candidate…not the perfect one.
  3. Focus on training and retention.

Prepare your plan. Are you asking too much of the job and the person? Evaluate what skills the job really requires and find a candidate that has strong skill sets married with the enthusiasm to learn the others they might be lacking.

Offer your candidate a nut. Explain the philosophy and strategy of your company. Is there room to grow? Are there opportunities for advancement? Pay and benefits aside, studies show growth within the company is a major retention factor in keeping your employees.

Snag the squirrel. Train the candidate for the career. Training and career development will position the person to be successful in the role now…and in the future. Coaching, training and mentoring only helps your employees to understand how they fit into the strategy and growth of the company.

A recent question-and-answer session with Quora and Sheryl Sandberg shows… “Clearly, Sheryl Sandberg knows something about recruiting and motivating talent. For the past eight years, she’s served as the COO of the one of the most successful companies in the world: Facebook. What’s her secret? How does she approach hiring and motivating talent? Sandberg’s answer: At Facebook, we’re looking for builders. We believe our journey at Facebook is only 1% done, so we want people who can help us build technology, products and our business into the future. We don’t look for a specific background or skill-set when we make hiring decisions. As my friend and Instagram COO Marne Levine says, we hire athletes and cross train them. We find people with great skills and abilities who care about our mission of making the world more open and connected and who share our core values: Be open, focus on impact, and move fast.

Proforce Top Tip: Rethink your recruiting strategy. With the right training and opportunities, good employees become great employees! You’ve built your own purple squirrel.


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