Proforce Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence

Happy Birthday Proforce!

Proforce turns 15 this year, helping companies grow since 2001! We have a dedicated team of recruiters, (most of which have been here for a very long time) who love working at Proforce. At Proforce we believe in collaborating with the top companies in all branches of Consumer Products and delivering a recruiting service that is superior in quality and tailored to you. Meet some of our dream team!




David Inzlicht- President and Founder- Recruitment Expert- 15 years

“My background is in sales but I’ve always been extremely entrepreneurial. I stumbled into recruiting by accident and fell in love with it.  I felt there was a lot lacking though- that relationships with clients and candidates could be better- and that’s the philosophy that Proforce was founded on.

Proforce Personnel is a unique place that with amazing staff with incredible longevity and low turnover. Everyone here is extremely hard working and our secret sauce is our caring and in the way we give back to companies, job seekers and the community”


Robin Anisef– Fashion-Apparel and Accessories- Recruiter- 12 Years 

“Before working at Proforce- I spent 20 years in Sales in the Fashion Industry- I know the business inside and out. Making the change to come to Proforce and be a recruiter turned into such an amazing and fulfilling career.

It’s been so wonderful to watch companies grow and thrive because of the amazing people I place in their teams. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a lovely phone call or email from my customer- telling me how business is booming and they couldn’t be more satisfied, and this happens daily.

Becoming a recruiter showed me I could make a real difference in people’s lives. Proforce is unique because they encourage us to really foster relationships with our clients- visit them and get to know them. This brings their business to the next level because we aren’t just CV pushers- we understand the industry, we know the environment and we care. We pretty much thrive on their success so it’s a great exchange.”


Christopher LivingstoneExecutive Headhunter- Food/Consumer Goods and Fashion Industry-10 years

“Proforce is a great entrepreneurial environment that promotes people’s individual milestones and celebrates each other’s successes. We are a business that tries to stay ahead of current recruiting trends and hiring strategies and deliver a high quality recruiting experience like no other. Working at a boutique agency with a specialized candidate database allows us to work with a variety of amazing customers in the Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods and Fashion industry.

It’s exciting challenges are what keep me here as they have permitted me to grow my business within a business and develop into a recruiting mentor”.


Connie Pintimalli –Apparel, Accessories and Home Fashions Expert- Recruiter- 6 years

“ My background is sales and business development, with over 15 years in Fashion & Consumer goods. I’m truly passionate about my work and always eager to meet new people. While I enjoy all aspects of my job, I think my favourite part is business development and interacting with people. Proforce is great – not all offices understand the importance of work-life balance. I also believe firmly that great management makes for a great team- and we definitely have both!”.


Jeffrey GoldsteinIT technology/ Sales Recruiter 6 years

“I’ve been a Recruiter since 1995 and I’ve worked at many different companies; Proforce is where I have stayed the longest. The reasons for that are simple: the reputation and the market. Proforce has a great reputation and we have clients across Canada and also in the US; which is great because we do not limit ourselves to one territory. We are also given the tools to succeed and lots of autonomy- which is perfect for someone like me. We have a very dedicated team that supports each other, a strong brand and presence on social media. It’s great to work with such awesome people and great companies”.

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