Canada’s Best Places to Work 2018

Glassdoor’s best places to work ranking is released yearly just in time for everyone to have listed their new year’s resolutions – which are more often than not about work. If you are still struggling to come up with that extra motivation to finally leave your company for the employer you deserve, take a look at Canada’s best places to work, where the grass is greener (except in this case it’s probably true!)

Check out the 2018 Canada top five places to work based on employees anonymous reviews from Glassdoor

1. SAP

The German software company SAP scored the first place on the list in Canada and was in the top three in France and Germany. With a 97% approval rate, SAP’s CEO Bill McDermott must be doing something right! In over 7.2K reviews, employees mentioned the company culture, competitive compensation, benefits, and excellent leadership team. They clearly hold the employee experience in high regards as confirmed on their very complete career page.

2. Paysafe Group

The U.K.-based online payment company makes the top 2 with the very high recommendation score of 94%. The most cited advantages are the work environment and the people, alongside with great healthcare plan. Check out their career page for any openings in your city!

3. Shopify

Last year’s winner kept a spot in the top five and comes in third this year. The Canadian tech company is not shy about leading the employee experience revolution and take pride in their employee engagement, as seen in this corporate video. On top of their insane package of advantages (including free lunches and home cleaning services), a trusting and open-minded management seem to make the difference for the employees.

4. Microsoft

The fourth rank is held by yet another tech company (this trend seems hard to shake). Microsoft’s CEO scored an impressive 96% approval rate. The company distinguishes itself by promoting a culture of wellness and balance, career development opportunities, and other benefits that you can learn more about by visiting their dedicated career website.

5. Salesforce

In fifth position comes another returning company to this list: Salesforce. The CRM company dropped from the first position in 2017 but is still showing outstanding reviews and earning a spot in the top five. The company’s CEO Marc Benioff scored a 98% approval rate, earning him the fourth position in this category worldwide. Doing meaningful work is a pillar of their employee experience strategy, as well as many “unparalleled rewards” as we can read on their career page.


And the list goes on! Finding an employer that truly appreciate the value you bring to your work is worth the trouble. In the meantime, cultivate your self-awareness and be ready to showcase your value in your CV and in an interview when you do find the perfect job for you.