Best April Fools’ Office Pranks

refreshment-438399_1280In honor of this most glorious of holidays- Proforce collected a series of funny stories of the most successful Office April Fools pranks ever pulled. Here is what we got! Enjoy!

The Love Letter…

This one year, many moons ago, I wrote my boss a hand-written letter, confessing my undying love and passion for him. I mentioned in the letter that the work environment had become extremely difficult for me because of my secret love. He came into the office later and thanked me for the sweet note- apologized and asked what he could do to make it easier for me? An office on another floor? A different schedule? He was married, and very sorry- feeling bad he had misled me. It was so hilarious I couldn’t keep it up and started laughing, but he totally believed me and was willing to compromise!” – Recruiter in the Fashion Industry

The Move Out….

I once came in with about a dozen boxes and told all my staff that our department had been shut down. I started distributing the boxes and pretending to cry. People completely lost it and started packing their stuff up right away- it was so depressing. I let a few walk out with their stuff in hand and admitted to them- while we were in the elevator- that it was a joke. The sighs of happiness could not have been louder!” – Sales Manager -Telecom company


Sexy New Customers…

I work at an insurance firm. I once made an announcement to the company that we had been acquired by a successful sex-toy provider and we had to immediately start the merging process and redefine our Insurance plans that we would provide for these toys. I then set up a brainstorming meeting for the new vision of the company. Most people were shocked and stunned- others dove right and started giving ideas about how to provide insurance for the new market. I let the meeting last about 15 minutes but it was absolutely hilarious”. – Department Manager- Home and Car Insurance specialist 


Fighting for Nemo…

In the world of law, we see crazy things every day. I traumatized my two interns one fateful April first- by telling them we had to work on a VERY important case where a couple was in a heated custody battle over a goldfish. On top of that- they were both suing for child support to be able to provide for said goldfish (Mister Nemo Finley). I then left the room and told them that- when I came back- I wanted them to prepare how we would defend the case for our client, Mrs. Poisson. They never even flinched and began researching how best to do this. I must admit…i let them work on this for a half-day. By lunch, they caught on and took it well. They made a great impression and have moved on to successful careers in law. Not for goldfish though.” – Attorney- Family Law



Our boss is ALWAYS on his cell phone. While we were on lunch last year- we took his phone away from him. It was pretty basic but he FREAKED OUT. He started scrambling everywhere and turned all red…talking about how his life was on the phone. We let him sweat it out until he got over it (about 4 hours later) and let him have it back. It gave him a little perspective but he seems more attached to it now than ever…this prank sort of backfired if you ask me!”.- Marketing Coordinator- Food Services.


Work is the PERFECT place to pull the best pranks. Do you have a memorable April 1st?