Break-Ups and Counter Offers

Johnny and Amber, Taylor and Calvin- Gavin and Gwen…these past few months have been packed with high-profile celebrity breakups- citing irreconcilable differences. Sounds all very dramatic, and all too reminiscent of the love-hate relationships we sometimes have had with past employees, relationships that we sometimes stayed in too long- or ended too soon.

Like a quickie marriage in vegas- we have sometimes rushed too soon into a work contract with an employee that was a very VERY bad decision. It might have been the music…the ambiance- the beautiful corner office with the view- but, like a partier with too much tequila in them- you rushed to the altar too soon and woke up the next morning with instant regret.

So what do we do when we finally realize we have made an awful mistake and took on the wrong person? Here are tips to make a good- clean break and to avoid making the mistake of staying in a poisonous work relationship.

pexels-photo (12)Start Online Dating: It’s time to check out LinkedIn and Indeed- websites filled with potential great matches. Look for an employee that has the quality of stability and don’t be shy to message them- approach them and ask them if they would be interested in meeting you…


man-couple-people-womanPut yourself out there: It’s time to go to networking events again and hit up trade shows. Also- spruce up your social media and employer brand. Make sure you have Google reviews and people out there are talking about your company! An online presence will surely help you seduce great workers.





pexels-photo-14303Don’t be desperate: If you are desperate- you will never find that perfect employee for you! It’s important to have high standards and your business deserves the best. Don’t settle like you may have in the past and take the first person who comes a’knockin!






pexels-photo (14)Don’t go for the same type: Some of us like the fixer uppers and the underdogs- but there’s clearly a reason this isn’t working out. What qualities in your past employee annoyed you most or didn’t mesh well with your personality? How about you choose someone who presents different qualities…that’s sure to present a change!





heartsickness-lover-s-grief-lovesickness-coupe-50592Don’t try to seduce your employee with a counter-offer: You’re sad, hurt and upset that your employee wants to leave and honestly- making a counter-offer would cost less than hiring and training a new person…but don’t kid yourself- this isn’t working out mate. This person- for whatever reason- wants OUT…so let them go. It’s stressful, but you’ll find someone else who’ll appreciate working for you don’t worry!