A day in the life of a recruiting director

Recruiter, or as we say here at Proforce, Recruiting Director, is a job that is often misunderstood. Or, perhaps, not very well-known. Let’s just say that not many kids want to be recruiters when they grow up! And it’s not surprising, as there isn’t really a classic career path in the profession. Recruiter is a misunderstood position because it actually includes two profiles: the salesperson and the headhunter. Generally speaking, we could say that one does not study to become a Recruiting Director, one becomes one … and often a little by chance!

At Proforce, we are always looking for superstars to join our ranks and thrive in the (wonderful!) world of recruitment. As this is indeed a career that is still intriguing to many, we decided to write about a typical day in the life of a Recruiting Director.


8 to 9: Priority Management

We arrive at the office, make ourselves a coffee while greeting our colleagues, get set up for the day. We sort out our emails, do a few follow-ups, and confirm our interviews of the day.

9 to 11: Business Development

It’s time to pick up the phone and build some strong relationships with the best companies in the industry! At Proforce, we started this tradition a few years back to do our cold calls in the morning. Knowing we are all on the phone with our (potential) clients creates great team synergy and brings energy into the office.

11 to 12:30: Interviews

Our interviews are often scheduled around lunch time. Whether you’re doing a screening interview over the phone, taking references, or interviewing a candidate in person, these are all great opportunities to talk to interesting career-driven people, to exchange with them and learn more about the industry in which we specialize.


1 to 2: Presentation of the candidates’ profiles to the clients

When we find a perfect match between a company and a candidate, we put together their file and present it to our client. We must highlight the candidate’s strengths and accomplishments, as well as their weaknesses, to ensure that this is the right fit. It is very important to be on the same page as our clients with regards to each position for which we recruit, because something that would be considered a weakness here may be a great asset there.

2 to 3:30: Candidates research

We put on our headhunter hat and go on the hunt! We post job ads, analyze CVs and look for interesting profiles across our various networks. This is actually the most crucial task in our day. We need to be on the lookout and constantly renew ourselves to find new ways to identify, contact and engage with the best candidates in the industry.

3:30 to 4: Preparation of tomorrow calls

We end the day with a little organization to be able to dive right in the next morning. We take some time to research our market, look for open positions, growing companies, and new potential niches.

4 PM to …

More interviews

Often, if we wish to meet with more candidates, we have to stay after regular office hours. Most of the best candidates out there are already in employment and are only available to come and meet us after their work day!


Our team often takes part in various networking events during the day or in the evening, industry galas, conferences, etc.

& while the competition is asleep

It is not uncommon for candidates to be more available to answer our messages in the evening, and it’s also at that time that people apply for jobs. The impatient and eager recruiter will tend to keep an eye on his inbox. He will most likely surf a little on LinkedIn as well… to stay updated!

The best…

The interviews. We really do enjoy meeting interesting people, that are passionate about their careers, with unique paths. We often hear that, in order to be a good recruiter, you have to love people, and that’s absolutely true.

A structured schedule. Being a Recruiting Director is like running your own small business within Proforce. Between the management of our client relations and our candidates, our schedule is so diversified, it’s hard to get bored. On the other hand, it is also quite easy to get organized thanks to a clear definition of tasks, quantifiable objectives, the right tools, continuous training and a team that helps each other.

Discovering an industry. Whether you are a food or a fashion recruiter, this position allows you to continually learn about an industry and discover all its facets, one candidate at a time. We meet real specialists, people who have a lot to teach us and who we would never have met otherwise. We have the opportunity to discover companies from the inside out and from a human perspective.

But, the best time of the day for a recruiter is certainly when a candidate accepts an offer from a client. We get to leave the office knowing we helped someone find the next step in their career and helped a company find its missing piece. That feeling is unbeatable!

… and the worst!

There are mornings where business development doesn’t seem to be working at all: we face rejections, voice mails, things just don’t move forward. It may seem daunting at times, but a good recruiter knows how to maintain a long-term vision and perseverance.

Sometimes we thought we had found a perfect combination, but our candidate did not get the job. It’s super disappointing for the latter and therefore for us too. But here again, we must consider the long-term relationship with our candidate and keep in mind that we will have the opportunity to help them in their career when the time’s right.

Schedule management. Between our clients’ busy schedules and our candidates’ limited availabilities, there are days when we play the secretary a lot. This is where you have to get into problem-solving mode to help your clients and candidates, even if sometimes it feels like doing a puzzle!


Being a Recruiting Director is really not for everyone. But, those for whom it is, find in this career much more than a 9 to 5 job! It truly is the opportunity to build a diversified and rewarding career, focused on a long term growth where we can feel a real impact from day one. If you know someone who deserves to know more about a career in recruitment, please share this article with them!