5 Ways Recruiting Companies are Better than LinkedIn

linkedinLinkedIn, since its 2002 launch, has become a well-known professional networking site that business owners all too often rely on. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a site that has 260 million users, but there’s no doubt that, in order to find the right employee, perusing the social-networking website isn’t going to be effective without the proper training, experience and time.

Here are five key reasons every business owner should consider hiring a recruiting company rather than raking through the countless LinkedIn profiles for potential employees.

1. LinkedIn is Too Big: Let’s face it, LinkedIn is huge. Without the proper search tools or experience, it takes an enormous amount of time to weed out that perfect fit for your company. It’s not just a matter of typing a few keywords into the search box or checking your contacts. It can be much more than that and, while a professional recruiter will use his or her experience and tools to search the site, there are many other places to find potential employees.

2. Recruiters Save Time: Searching LinkedIn takes an enormous amount of time and, even if you do find LinkedIn profiles that seem to be a match, how do you verify what you are reading? Recruiters find the employee that best suits your needs without the time wasted on searching through resumes, cover letters, and online profiles. Time not spent searching for an employee is time spent on productivity.

3. Recruiters Only Charge When Successful: Most, if not all of an employee recruiter’s fees are contingent on success. That means, not only are you saving time, you are protecting yourself from investing in a failed search. However, a good recruiter won’t fail. A good recruiter will find the employee that best fits your company no matter how niche the position

4. Professional Review of Potential Employee: The fact is, we’re not all trained and experienced in seeking out, vetting or interviewing employees. It’s a professional skill that is vital to the success of any company. There are plenty of bad employees ready for hire, but there are also diamonds in the rough for recruiters to find. LinkedIn, however, doesn’t review or examine the user. It’s a free service. Anybody can say whatever they want in their profile. A recruiter, however, will weed out the lies and find the best of the best.

5. Candidate Databases: In the old days, recruiters might have kept a little black book with all their contacts carefully listed in alphabetical order. Now, however, modern recruiters pull from seemingly infinite candidate databases that have, with the help of specialized software, labeled and categorized employees of every possible skill set. Candidate databases are coupled with a powerful network of online contacts that goes well beyond anything LinkedIn has to offer.

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